5 affordable gadgets you can buy without hurting your pocket

mm Paul Verbiton November 14, 2019
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Gadgets exist to make life easier. In fact, they have become so indispensable that many everyday activities rely on them: work, school, or play. It doesn’t even matter how old you are; you need gadgets.

Even now, gadgets continue to evolve and surpass the function they were originally designed for. The costs can be different and range from luxury price, to moderate, to economical. For those who want the convenience but don’t want to go broke, check out the gadgets below.


There’s nothing wrong with analog wrist watches, and they make you look classy, but don’t you wish they can do something more than just tell you the time? A smartwatch is handy to have when you’re juggling life commitments and you need to be on top of messages, reminders, and other notifications.

There are entry-level smartwatches you can buy for under $100. Although these watches are not as feature-rich as the latest models are, they can still act as an extension of your phone for when your hands are full.

Refurbished Laptop

Although some people are more comfortable working on a desktop computer, they can’t use it to do work or school projects outside home. Laptops exist for this reason, and if you’re always on the go, you may need to think about buying a laptop.

It’s not a secret that brand-new laptops are an investment. You can get the cheaper ones, but they may not be as durable or as lasting as a solidly built laptop is. If you need one but don’t have the funds to get a new one, look into secondhand laptops.

Contrary to popular belief, these refurbished machines work just as well as their new counterparts do and are checked for quality. Stores can’t sell them if they work poorly because fixing faulty ones under the store warranty will be much more expensive later.

Tracking Gadgets

When life is so hectic, mornings feel like a mad scramble for the bag, keys, lunch, breakfast smoothie, and your phone, in any order or variation. Sometimes, things get lost in the shuffle, and it can be frustrating when you’re trying not to be late. Tracking gadgets are one of the best gizmos you can give yourself.

These gadgets are often powered by a battery or Bluetooth, and you need to attach them to items you often lose, like keys or your ID. You can track your belongings by pushing a button, and an alarm will go off and help you pinpoint the exact location. Here are some of the most affordable and best key finders or tracking gadgets you can buy.

Reusable Smart Notebooks

A smart notebook is an elevated way of note-taking. Carrying several notebooks with you from one class to another can be bulky, and the weight of your backpack will take a toll on your shoulders. Smart notebooks are reusable and can store notes, doodles, and lists in one place. You can easily access them whenever you want to.

The future is paperless, and this is one way you can help conserve precious resources like paper.

RFID Wallet

The increasing advancement of technology is great because of better security, but sometimes it also means that cybercriminals and techy-savvy evildoers are getting crafty. The best way to protect yourself is to get ahead of them with protective gadgets such as an RFID blocking wallet. There have been reports of thieves going out in public with devices that can scan cards from a bit of a distance.

Once they do that, you can kiss your credit-card information, life savings, and even identity goodbye. You’ll be suitably protected by using an RFID wallet because it blocks information-stealing devices from all ranges of frequencies.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the useful gadgets mentioned above can be a gift for yourself or your loved ones. What items are you looking forward to owning? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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