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mm Paul Verbiton September 5, 2019
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Wall paneling is a decor technique that has become popular among homeowners and business owners. Today, one can find many paneling varieties in the market that are of optimum quality yet economical. Wall panels are available for different purposes including noise reduction, moisture-resistance, and easy-cleaning. Whether you’re working on a new home or office construction or renovation, consider including wall panels in your plans and the results will surprise you. Here are 5 benefits of wall paneling every property owner should know.

Pleasing wall appearance

From an outdated and uneven wall, you can create a classy finish in an instant using wall panels. The new wall patterns can easily transform the overall look and feel of a room, cutting time and costs on structure replacements or redesigning. Wall panels are even used as statement pieces in commercial and residential spaces like lobbies, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Additional wall protection

Aside from serving as aesthetic covers, wall panels also do the job of protecting the wall structure from wear and tear or early deterioration. They provide for better wall durability as well as improve structure longevity. Wall panels normally have a long life with less maintenance. This means it can also provide long-lasting protection to your walls.

Fast and easy installation

Ease of installation made wall panels a favorite material in DIY projects. With these panels, there is nothing to worry about grout lines, unlike tiling. Sticking it against walls with adhesive completes the installation process.

Numerous design options

For your different interior decoration needs, there is a wide array of colors, materials, and designs you can find when shopping for wall panels. Aside from the popular wood material, there are also panel materials used to mimic limestone, granite, stone, and marble. Wall panels give way to high-end design aesthetics in commercial and residential spaces without involving costly expenses.

Minimal upkeep

Easy and affordable maintenance is a known benefit of using wall panels. Unlike basic painted walls or wallpaper, it can resist minor scratches or marks and impacts on walls. Thus, frequent structure repairs or touch ups will not be a problem when choosing this cost-effective wall decor technique.

Easy removal from walls

When renting an apartment, there is little you can do in redecorating the space. Most landlords would restrict the application of permanent decors, thus, going for easy-to-remove decor material is your best option. Wall paneling is a safe apartment decor idea as it’s very easy to remove and won’t leave damaging marks on walls. When moving out, you can reuse these panels in your new place, saving you a few bucks.

Helps with insulation

Using wood panels help with achieving acoustic or thermal insulation in a room. It can assist in keeping your indoors warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Available in modern materials

Among the high tech wall paneling materials are MDF, melamine, and polyurethane. These types of wall panels can provide an original yet elegant touch to a variety of surfaces, compound textures, and layouts.

A worthy alternative to wall panels

If your goal is to conceal unsightly wiring or piping in your building interior, the wall and ceiling access panel is a fantastic alternative. Although it doesn’t provide a full surface coverage for aesthetics, it can effectively do its job of making building fixtures disappear in any elegant wall finish while preserving access to them, at the same time. Just like wall panels, this material is also economical and available in a wide range of design, size, and material options.

There is a lot of work involved in achieving a well-decorated interior, whether commercial or residential. Professional consultation is a key factor in accomplishing your aesthetic goals without falling short on space functionality.

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