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All you need to know about the gastrocolic reflex

mm Paul Verbiton May 4, 2023
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The gastrocolic reflex is among other physiological reflexes that control the motility or peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. Actually, a gastrocolic reflex is not a dise... read more

How to avoid hair loss: what causes it and treatment options

mm Paul Verbiton July 26, 2021
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Hair loss is a problem that affects the lives of many people. There are various reasons, like stress and some medications, which can cause hair to fall out. We all want to know ... read more

5 ways you are sitting wrong at your desk

mm Paul Verbiton March 26, 2021
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businessman using laptop at desk
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If you have been experiencing frequent spasms and soreness in your neck, back, or shoulder region lately and have been trying to sweep it all under the carpet by telling yoursel... read more

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