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How to choose a bicycle

mm Paul Verbiton October 21, 2018
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bicycle shop
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These days, we all generally linger on all the available options whenever we go to buy anything because of the influx of variety and more advancement of technology. If you wish ... read more

Don’t forget the aftershave. A refreshing one

mm Paul Verbiton August 28, 2018
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morning shaving
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It’s always a blast to rise every morning and shuffle into the bathroom. We all know what comes next. Yes sir, it’s the bout with the blade. Peer up into that mirror... read more

Starting a coin collection

mm Paul Verbiton August 20, 2018
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It is never too early or too late to have a hobby. Some people are hobbyists for fun while others see a bigger picture; and that is to make money. Some objects that may seem ine... read more