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Things everyone hates about car insurance

mm Paul Verbiton January 11, 2019
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car driving
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Owning a car is a dream for most of us, right? Sad but true- owning a car is not all cakes and brownies. It has its own baggage. Car insurance being the topmost of this baggage.... read more

Your exercise routine could be harming you

mm Paul Verbiton December 29, 2018
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torso boy girl
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Social media has created absurd standards for how people should look. In response, many people go to extreme measures to enhance their looks. One way that people try to accompli... read more

How to choose a bicycle

mm Paul Verbiton October 21, 2018
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bicycle shop
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These days, we all generally linger on all the available options whenever we go to buy anything because of the influx of variety and more advancement of technology. If you wish ... read more

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