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mm Paul Verbiton September 27, 2020
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ECS Tuning is one of the leading companies in the e-commerce automobile industry and offers a diverse and rich product portfolio of more than 1.4 million automobile parts and solutions. The company’s portfolio offers a range of genuine, aftermarket and performance automotive parts and solutions for big players in the market out of which Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche are just a few. ESC Tuning also offers customers to choose from a range of their very own, in-house made products, and not only that, all business operations such as marketing, photography, inventory management, shipping, programming, and even tech support along with customer service is done in-house which makes ESC Tuning stand out among other companies for all the good reasons.

An active and fully engaged management team which is stationed at the company’s headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio is responsible for monitoring all business functions. ESC is a rapidly growing and ever-expanding business, and has been for over more than five decades. To understand how ECS has been able to make such a huge impact on the market that it leads we will need to dive a bit deeper into the company’s history.

Andrew Demorovsky, a European immigrant along with family moved to the United State of America in 1959 in order to escape from religious persecution and a corrupt political class. The desire to be religiously and economically free was the main driving force which led him, and his entire family, who had nothing more than a few suitcases and 500 dollars to their name to immigrate to the United States. All of this was made possible due to his exceptional skills and talent, along with the rigorous training he went through as a great machinist back in his home country. His amazing talents and skills had allowed him to earn sponsorship by a manufacturing company here in the U.S which was in need of someone of his calibre and skill set, and in 1962, along with his son who shared the same name, Andrew Demorovsky gave birth to the Euro-Car Service. The Euro-Car Service was a two-bay auto repair shop situated in Norton, Ohio in which Andrew exclusively on worked on vehicles made by the German giant of today, Volkswagen. This is from a time when VW just had started to become an automotive icon. In just a short amount of time he made a reputation of being a skilled and honest craftsman who held old world standards such as giving your all to customer satisfaction. This allowed him to develop a loyal and ever-growing list of customers.

Andrew ran the business all by himself while his son, Andrew Jr. was serving time in the military, however, in the 60s Andrew Jr. come back to help his father run, and expand the ever growing business which, in a few years added four new services bays in order to cater to other European automobiles as well. Not only that, Euro-Car services started doing custom repairing and fabrication projects for people who owned, and loved exotic performance cars. Euro-Car Service also helped their clients in creating custom design solutions which were based on vehicle and customer preference. The ability to combine engineering expertise with precision machining allowed Euro-Car services to create a niche in the market which enabled them in increasing their client base and in laying the groundwork for the company’s growth in the years to come.

The 80s were marked as a very important year for Euro-Car services. This was the year in which they added a second building to the already existing one and also created a dedicated parts department in order to keep up with the fast-moving items on for service bays. The company saw a growth in the sale of over-the-counter parts much more they had forecasted which made the parts department a profit centre apart from being a convenience. Apart from that, another great news was that Andrew’s grandsons, Tom and Brian also joined their father and grandfather in order to help the family business grow. The young men took to the business immediately and made a lifelong commitment to it in their early teens. The continued and rapid success of the repair and parts departments gave Tom and Brain the opportunity to learn everything there was about the business and helped it grow at the same time. This enabled the company to go beyond reselling parts, and in 1995 and 1996, they decided to make a product that would bear the Euro-Car Service brand name.

The product the company designed and launched was the Audi S4 Big Brake Kit, initial sales of which exceeded expectations and was selling throughout the United States. This unexpected turn of favourable events showed that a market for Euro-car performance products was a niche that was waiting tapped in. Capitalizing on the opportunity at hand, Euro-Car Service started to add new products to their portfolio which ranged from silicone boost hoses to stainless steel-reinforced brake lines.

A trend can be seen throughout the years, which was that Euro-Car Service was introducing more and more innovative practices and was hitting the mark every time they did, and to keep that tradition alive, in 2001 they launched a second company which they named ECS Tuning. ECS Tuning was launched with the aim to beat conventional business practices by offering a service of the future by offering the sale and development of premium Euro-Car repair parts and performance products. Euro-Car Services set up their secondary business, ECS tuning as website based business which aimed at promoting sales and generating phone orders for repair parts, performance upgrades, and accessories for the automobiles which Euro-Car Services has been known throughout the years i.e. German cars. Though if we compared the first website with modern standards it might give out somewhat of a crude impression since it did not accept orders online, however, swift changes and upgrades were made to make it what it is today. The process of refinement continues to this day.

Unlike Euro-Car Service, ECS was shipping products throughout the word to individual customers while at the same time indulged in the process of carefully developing a network of exclusive distributes, and in a few short years, the small local parts and service facility in Norton, Ohio had turned into something which was far beyond the scope of national distribution and turned into a global entity which shipped products to all corners of the world. Due to the immense success of ECS, a number of competitors entered the market in order to secure their piece of the pie, some were successful, while many were not. Many of them showed promise in the beginning but failed to do so what ECS was able to do due to a number of factors such as irregular business hours, providing inconsistent or non-existent customer service. Due to being face-to-face with service clients from their teenage years, Tom and Brian knew about the potent and lasting marketing value of prompt, personal service, and the loyalty that it instils in customers. In 2001, ECS launched as a full-fledged e-commerce site with a live call support team which provided personalized sales and technical assistance both during and, after the sale. Just like when the company started, providing customer satisfaction is still the one of the company’s top priorities.

All of this dedication, hard work, and display of outstanding entrepreneur skills from three generations has brought ECS Tuning to what it is today, an every growing e-commerce giant. And to make sure that it stays that way while providing a second to none customer experience, ECS Tuning has made itself the parent company to four house brands, which are Alzor Wheels, Ziza Lighting, Schwaben Tools and Bremmen Parts. The addition of these new companies gives customers the ability to search for repair parts, accessories, and problem solvers, all of which are available at affordable prices. Each of the four brands is evaluated periodically in order to bring fresh and innovative products to an ever-changing market.

Unlike most competitors on the market that confine themselves to a market niche or to a certain make or model, ECS strives to reach its goal of keeping up with the current and future automotive trends and emerging technologies through extensive research, and instead of making over the top marketing promises which most competitors do, ECS has dedicated itself to increasing Research and Development Department through the help of a real bricks-and-mortar commitment-staff which is made up of some of the brightest and most energetic engineers who understand what it means to have the German car experience, and how performance products can make it better.

The team at ECS works in a state of the art hospital-clean environment complete with lifts and equipped with professional repair tools. A highly specialized team allows ECS to create a bridge between human resource, CAD, and 3D printing technology which allow them to create and process dozens of new products. From digital design to a dyno, ECS is working day and night to develop a new generation of the exciting air intake, suspension and braking, along with powertrain performance products.

The ECS Tuning we see today is the fruit of a fifty six year old vision which was seen by a man who left his life back home behind and moved to a foreign land with virtually nothing on him, except for this will, his skills, and sheer determination which, over the course of half a century has been passed down from father to son and grandsons.

From product development to web enhancements; technical support to shipping, marketing to product application, the team at ECS Tuning has got everything covered and to this day abide to the motto “No job too small, no project too big”. A never give up attitude from day one. The motto was not to give a customer a reason to go anywhere else.

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