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mm Paul Verbiton November 16, 2020
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Over the last two decades, coaching has become popular among people desiring to change or define their social and professional lives. A life coach mentor uses his or her experience to guide aspiring coaches. Therefore, new life coaches can achieve success in coaching if they get the right and reputable mentorship program. Below, we outline some of the important facts you need to consider when choosing a personal life coach mentor.

Experience: Undergoing training and certification is not enough to run a life coach mentoring program. The person must have a successful coaching career and provable track-record of success. This reveals that they possess sufficient knowledge to become a life coach mentor. An experienced personal life coach mentor can handle issues on several life aspects and equip you with the necessary coaching and business skills. The mentoring program at Quintella Life Coach and Mentor offers excellent skills that empower you for a successful coaching career.

Mentoring Approach: Before settling, you must consider what approach the life coach mentor uses in his or her sessions. Choose someone with an appropriate method that imparts information and skills in a manner that resonates with you and your expectations.

Initial Consultations: Good mentors offer initial consultations for free. It helps you to ascertain if he or she is suitable for your expectations. You must feel at ease during sessions. Besides, you need to have a good connection with the mentor to avoid wasting resources and time.

Availability and Cost: When choosing a mentor, consider his or her availability and decide if it suits your schedule. Importantly, consider a personal life coach mentor with a flexible schedule and is easily reachable via email or phone. Determine the costs and consider whether what you are spending equates to the value you get.

Assess Success Rate: You would want to spend money and time to get valuable knowledge. Undergoing a mentoring program is an important investment, and you must know the returns to expect based on the mentor’s previous record. Look for success stories and reviews from previous clients. Work with a personal life coach mentor who has a proven success. A high success rate shows positive returns after the program.

If you want to become a life coach, it is essential to get a mentorship from a qualified and experienced life coach with a good reputation. This will warrant positive results and set you on a success path.

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