Flooring trends to keep an eye on in the next season

mm Paul Verbiton November 15, 2018
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flooring trends

Home interior design industry is probably one of the most exciting areas of design where changes come and go with each season giving homeowners fantastic opportunities to redecorate their homes and make them more up to date, welcoming and comfortable.

Over the last decade, flooring trends have been given proper attention and have become a very important part of home design. As homeowners’ tastes change and production technologies develop, there are now large varieties of flooring options to choose for your home remodelling project.

Most designers would advise against settling on an expensive and short-lived trend and focus on classic and recurrent themes that can stand the test of time. What is evident in flooring trends right now is the desire to utilize innovative technologies, be eco-friendly, go big on textures and make your design unique and personalized.

So, here are flooring trends expected to be big next season.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are fairly consistent when it comes to trend fluctuations and we’re now seeing a tendency towards wider planks and use of reclaimed materials in an attempt to create a blend of contemporary and rustic elements. For instance, extra wide, whitewashed planks give a more balanced feel to a space and in combination with exposed brick, the room gets a touch of rustic chic.

More and more designers are experimenting with combining planks of different widths which results in a more individual and less uniform feel. Again, this idea marries vintage and rustic with the contemporary – matt finish planks, bright walls and industrial metal elements give tons of character and diversity to any space.

Rugs and carpets

Another trend that’s experiencing revival is the use of floor rugs and carpets. They are regaining popularity as more homeowners see their chance to add warmth, colour and pattern to their homes. Colour trends reveal a lot of bold choices such as lime green, yellow, bright red, sky blue and fuchsia.

Emphasis is also put on introducing different textures to the room by layering rugs over either carpets or hardwood floors and using their size and shape to play with the room dimensions. Handmade rugs give unfussy interiors a lot of interest and a personalized touch.

Eco-friendly floors

In flooring, eco-friendly means the use of organic and sustainable materials such as cork and marmoleum. Cork, in particular, has been around since the 19th century and has proved to be very low maintenance and very diverse in its use. Cork is a non-toxic material produced from oak tree bark that’s used to make eco-friendly linoleum that is strong, durable, flame-resistant and capable of absorbing 3 to 5 times more carbon dioxide than other materials.

Marmoleum is a type of linoleum that is made from all-natural ingredients such as linseed oil, jute, wood flour and other organic materials. It’s biodegradable, sustainable and VOC-free. Design-wise, this material has come a long way from the tacky 1970s colours and patterns and comes in beautiful whitewashed shades, contemporary patterns and textures.


Tiles are receiving a renewed interest as well and are also getting that mix of old and contemporary in design. Old notions of shiny and smooth porcelain tiles that were primarily practical and not very decorative are now getting a new twist in the following season – more texture! New designs incorporate textures that resemble other materials such as wood, natural stone and grain pattern. New technologies enable more manipulation with the materials and porcelain tiles now come in a variety of looks that allow homeowners to customize them into their own personal design.

Generally speaking, the tendencies for the new season show distancing from traditional materials and a shift towards flooring options that have a different twist to them. Whether it’s textured tile, area rugs, reclaimed hardwood or eco-friendly cork, the new season is bringing a fresh perspective of classic trends and will not disappoint!

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