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mm Paul Verbiton July 9, 2019
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Golf carts get better by the year, courtesy of its many options and add-ons. These parts make life easier for owners who want to derive the utmost enjoyment and utility from their golf carts.

Accordingly, here’s a roundup of the golf-cart must-haves for friends and families on their way to adventures, picnics, and times at the course.

Go and take your pick on what’s affordable, easy-to-install, and available online.

1. Golf cart rear seats

A rear-seat kit expands the space and seating of your golf cart with a flip-flop mechanism. Flipping the seat up can accommodate two people while flipping it down can store a cooler or bags.

The flip seats come in many colors to match the existing ones on the golf cart.

For added safety and functionality, the rear-seat flip kit has optional armrests with cup holders, safety grab bars, and golf bag attachments.

2. Golf cart lights

Lights improve the unit’s safety for you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. And if you intend to make the golf cart a street-legal vehicle, brake lights, headlights, turn signals, horn, and more are needed. You can purchase each individually or find them bundled in a set for convenient shopping.

Golf-cart lights are regular halogen and LED, which is more energy-efficient and durable of the two. You also have to be careful with their battery configuration and may have to use a voltage reducer to prevent lights prematurely burning out.

3. Golf cart mirrors

The purpose of mirrors is to monitor the conditions around the golf cart. Same with the item above, adding these golf-cart mirrors is a step toward greater safety. There’s the wildly popular five-panel rearview mirror that can be mounted and adjusted quickly. It can be set up on virtually all types of golf carts.

In relation, you can add driver- and passenger-side mirrors. Like the rearview mirror, they can be compatible with most golf carts. Their installation is also easy.

4. Golf cart windshields

They shield you from the rain, wind, and debris. You have plenty of choices for windshields, including the following:

  • Portable windshields made of vinyl that you can easily put on, take down, and roll up
  • Fold down windshields whose hinges allow you to put it up or fold it down to let in the wind
  • One-piece windshields whose lack of hinges makes it less prone to breaking

Aside from the type, you have to look into the thickness and resistance to rocks and other debris. Notably, a tinted vs. clear windshield is a popular debate: No-tint does not address glare, and a tinted one can pose a problem when driving at night. The usual solution is buying a tinted windshield that can be folded down at night.

5. Golf cart coolers

What’s so special about a golf cart cooler? The fact that you can snugly fit it into the back of your vehicle or on the roof rack. There’s the heavy-duty cooler whose lid can also act as a tray. Another type is an ice chest resembling a bag that can be strapped to the golf cart. You now have no excuse to bring snacks and enjoy a cold drink with family or friends.

6. Golf cart storage covers

The life and value of your vehicle depend on how you protect it from the weather. You need a cover to shield the paintwork from bird poop, to prevent dust and dirt buildup, and to secure the golf cart when outside. Golf cart covers are in an array of colors and materials for weatherproofing. Most of them have zippers for ease of use.

7. Golf cart rocker panels

Diamond-plated rocker panels provide a custom look to a golf cart. In addition to visual appeal, these stamped metal pieces are installed to lend support to the vehicle’s underbody and along its sides. Indeed, rocker panels are one of the favorite projects for car enthusiasts. Options for golf cart rocker panels include shiny and black powder-coated aluminum.

8. Golf cart fender flares

It’s not only trucks and SUVs that need fender flares, but golf carts can also have them too. If you plan to take your golf cart off-roading, fender flares for rear and front wheels serve as a shield from debris, rocks, and other objects. You can install these accessories yourself; make sure they match your electric- or gas-powered cart.

9. Golf cart lift kits

On the subject of off-roads and fender flares, a golf cart lift kit enables you to add bigger tires to match the rough terrain. It boosts your cart’s height by an additional three to eight inches to enjoy a higher clearance from the ground. Lift kits can also improve the comfort and smoothness of the ride. Each set consists of parts that work toward stability, stance, and customization.

10. A better golf cart

Golf carts are bare and up for customization when they are bought. Accessories and parts make them a better, if not the best, version of their original selves.

One essential part of electric golf carts is the battery. These batteries can last four to five years under the best care. In fact, their condition can increase or reduce the price should you decide to sell. Because it affects the performance of the cells, checking or replacing the charger is a necessary maintenance chore.

Happy shopping for the best golf cart accessories.

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