Guide to buying your first luxury duvet covers

mm Paul Verbiton July 29, 2020
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Have you ever wondered how posh hotels managed to make their beds so inviting? When you lie down, it wraps you like a soft embrace and makes you forget all your stress. You feel for the edges to see the tag to see what brands they are using. You browse online and watch your mouth drop at the prices. Ouch. You can’t afford that.

With hotels, it’s all about the mattress and the beddings. They can have all the fancy interior designs, but if the bed is not right, it will impact on the experience of the customer. That is why they are investing a fortune on the materials.

For instance, according to Ken Research company, the mattress spends for Australia’s hotel is projected to have a compound annual growth of 6.3% from 2019 to 2025. Their annual revenues, meanwhile, is estimated to grow by four per cent.

But you do not have to blow your budget to buy luxury duvet covers. Of course, when you choose a named brand, you will have to fork over a substantial amount.

But there are minimum standards to be classified as a luxury bedding, and here are some of them:

1. Plushness — People do not read the label so what materials were used to make the duvet cover does not matter. But nothing speaks luxury like the softness of the fabric. Cotton, while great for insulation, has a tendency to be stiff when purchased new. You need to break it in to achieve the desired softness. However, luxury duvet covers are already soft the moment you take them out of the packaging.

2. Wicking capability — The cover has the ability to stay dry quickly but still retain its coolness. For example, under medium heat, it will take 20 minutes or less for the material to dry. But the fabric also breathes, contributing to a deep and comfortable sleep. This is what separates the luxury duvet from your standard sheet since it is difficult to achieve that balance. Some manufacturers use a special type of material called poly fibre, which has excellent wicking moisture that repels moisture.

3. Longevity — Durability is a key element to a luxury bedding. A duvet cover should be washed at least once a month, although the duvet itself can go ten years even without treatment. The luxury duvet covers should be able to withstand multiple washing cycles without fraying. Natural fabrics like wool and cotton have a tendency to shrink after multiple washing, but expensive beddings should be immune from that. Longevity also refers to the colour. The shade should not fade, even when exposed to harsh chemicals and sunlight. Brightly-coloured covers should retain their tint and tone while white beddings should not turn yellow or grey. The cover should also be able to absorb the abuse if there are pets in the house, especially cats that have a tendency to knead on the bed or sofa. Kneading is when they extend their claws and alternately push their paws on the surface.

Those are just three of the characteristics of luxury duvet covers. Admittedly, it will be a challenge to differentiate between brands when you go to the retail shop.

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