Five benefits of hiring a private tutor

mm Paul Verbiton June 17, 2019
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Everyone wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to education, so it’s unsurprising that over the past few years, instances of parents hiring private tutors is rising. From improving your child’s academic performance to providing one to one support on tricky subjects, private tuition has proven beneficial for various reasons. If you’re unsure whether hiring a private tutor is the right step for you, here are five benefits that may help you decide.

Lessons are Tailored

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that private tuition brings is that lessons can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual. There have been numerous discussions about the issues of creating a ‘one size fits all’ lesson plan for a classroom of students, especially when some might take longer to learn than others. Tutors can often be the key to helping students reach the same level of understanding as their peers and being able to bring the tutor to your home means that students can benefit from lessons are delivered at a pace that best suits them.

One-On-One Teaching

Those with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, are catered for on a one to one basis with a private tutor, something that isn’t always possible in a classroom setting. When in a classroom environment, the amount of time a teacher can spend with an individual learner is extremely limited, which can sometimes lead to a child’s needs being overlooked.

Home tuition means that teachers can spend more time with a student and focus on their individual needs, providing the right support when they need it. This is a big advantage for learners who might need extra help and is a key benefit of private tuition.

The Ability to Choose the Teacher is in your Hands

Student will always respond better to teachers that are more suited to them; this is true both in terms of learning styles and temperament. In a school setting, students will have almost no choice, if any, in who teaches them. With private tuition, the student and parent are able to choose the teacher that they feel most comfortable with.

Tuition companies like Teachers to Your Home will let you talk with and interview tutors before you make your final decision, ensuring that they are the best possible fit for your child. There are a wide range of different tutors, each with their own strengths, styles and specialties, and the right tutor can make an enormous difference to the educational development of a student.

Increased Confidence

Because private tuition is generally delivered on a one to one basis, students and tutors are able to work more closely with one another, building a rapport which leads to better understanding and performance. This kind of interaction can be very difficult in a traditional classroom setting, which can impact negatively on a student’s overall confidence.

In a more personal approach, a private tutor is much better placed to identify potential issues and provide relevant assistance when needed. This additional level of support can do wonders for a student’s level of confidence which directly impacts their ability to work to at their best.

Homework Help

Homework can be a difficult area for parents to navigate and trying to convince children to continue work after a long school day can be a feat. A private tutor can help dramatically with this and can provide professional support to help keep a child focused and engaged. A tutor who can do this is a tutor that is going to help produce a higher quality of work and help improve their student’s development and understanding.

Hiring a private tutor can be tricky and there are so many options now that choosing the right tutor can be an overwhelming task, but for those who want to help improve their child’s or their own performance, a private tutor can help immensely and be the push that a student needs to achieve their personal best.

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