How to hire the best clean comedians for a corporate event

mm Paul Verbiton February 3, 2020
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Corporate events are generally dull conventions. They have monotonous programs that are less engaging and fun for the audience. A clean comedian can make such events livelier by performing acts that are free from objectionable content like obscenity and racism. Their performance can help break the ice and entertain the crowd. Here’s how you can hire suitable clean comedians from reputed comedy agencies.

Confirm the Skills of the Performer

The clean comics are multi-talented. They make their acts enjoyable by including magic, music, and ventriloquism. Further, they are highly skilled. You can expect them to do emceeing or perform 10-90 minutes of clean, top-notch stand-up comedy. However, it would be best if you had a reference to their previous works. Either you attend any of their clean acts, else ask them for a referral who can assure you for their performance.

Discuss the Content

While booking a comedian, make sure to discuss their material in detail. Clean comics are an excellent choice for such professional events. Though a clean comedian won’t include unacceptable content in his act, yet it is advisable to confirm the specific topics to avoid. Discuss other factors like the age and type of the audience, their likes, and dislikes. It will help the comedian to shape content that will best suit the audience.

Maintain Regular Communication

It is essential to keep a constant touch with the comedian before, during, and post the event. In the initial meetings, clarify and confirm the date, time, venue of the show, and payment details. Make it a point to discuss other information regarding the corporate event, like the show duration, the expectations from the comedian, and the comic’s act length.

You may also want to discuss the dress code for the event. Confirm the comedian’s specific requirements, like special lightings, room, and stage arrangements. Performers signing a contract in advance is highly recommended. It assures everyone is on the same page and that the performer is clear on your vision for the event.

Discuss Right Timing of the Act

As an organizer who has just started incorporating comic acts in their event schedule, you may want to discuss the performer’s act timing. Clean comedians can diligently inform the timing of their performance, to make it most effective and engaging. For instance, the comic at a corporate event might suggest performing their act at the beginning of the program, else after the meal. It ensures there are no distractions during their session.

Negotiate the Payments in Advance

When deciding the charges, listen to what the comedian has to offer you. A comic’s fees vary according to critical factors like the performance length, customized content, audience size, type of corporate event, and location. Make sure to negotiate the charges well in advance. Fix the payment modes and timings. Give all the precise details requested by the comic to maintain transparency in his payment rates.

Being so versatile and exceptional at clean comedy, hiring a clean comedian for your corporate event is the best way to keep the spirit of the convention lively and the guests entertained.

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