HVAC tips: getting your home ready for the holidays

mm Paul Verbiton November 25, 2020
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The holiday season will be in full swing! While it’s a great time for food and family gatherings, it is also a busy time for preparation.

Whether you are expecting guests or simply celebrating the season with the family, having your home ready for the holiday should be on top of your list. And one you should not forget is getting your HVAC checked and/or serviced.

Here are some simple HVAC and home care tips to help you get ready for the holidays.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

It’s always recommended to have your home’s efficiency level checked before the holidays come. Home energy assessment gives you a good baseline and allows you to see which area of your home doesn’t perform well when it comes to energy efficiency. Bring in a professional evaluator to perform a complete home energy audit.

Seal Cracks, Gaps, and Holes

Leaks around your doors, windows, attic, walls, and ducts can be discovered during an energy audit. These leaks serve as a passageway for heated air to leak out and allow the cold outside air to seep in, resulting in discomfort and high heating costs. This holiday, make sure you’re taking appropriate steps to close those leaks. Seal them using insulation, caulk, or weather-stripping or ask the pros for expert help.

Give Your Filters Some Attention

Your indoor air must stay fresh and clean during the holidays. By simply checking and replacing your air filter, you can prevent airborne contaminants from getting in and make your home a safe place to celebrate during the fun holiday night. Your family and guests will enjoy a healthy living environment, and your HVAC will work smoothly and efficiently with a clean filter.

Dust Your System Off

Did you know that your HVAC’s performance can be reduced when its parts are filled with dust? Those dust particles can impede your system’s proper function, causing too much strain during the operation and increasing your utility bills. Dust can also travel through your ductwork and spread throughout your home, leaving you and your guests with unpleasant air to breathe. Grab a piece of dry rag and wipe the external parts to clean the system.

Turn the Heat Down

Other homeowners think their home needs more heat when their guests arrive during the holiday, so they set their thermostat even higher. This is actually wrong. During the holidays, you’ll be using your oven longer, and this gives additional heat indoors. Add also to that the body temperature of your guests and family members. So feel free to turn down the heat a few degrees since your oven and all body temperatures can make up for the extra heat needed.

Mind Your Holiday Decorations

While it’s tempting to fill your home with lots of holiday decorations, placing them somewhere inappropriate can impact comfort and system efficiency. Hanging the ribbons, garlands, or ornaments in front of your thermostat can cause wrong temperature reading. Also, placing flammable decorations near any heat-emitting appliances can pose safety threats to your family and property. Make your home a safe place to celebrate this holiday by using your decorations wisely.

Give Your HVAC A Treat

Start the holiday season right by giving your HVAC a present – a maintenance plan. It’s the best gift you can give your comfort equipment after years of service. With a maintenance agreement, your HVAC can achieve an extended lifespan, improved efficiency, and better performance. In return, it can optimize your comfort and reduce your utility bills.

You should not only care about the foods to prepare or the decorations to display this holiday. By staying on top of your HVAC care needs, you’ll no longer be worrying about your comfort during the festivities.

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