How to create an illusion of space in your small rooms

mm Paul Verbiton March 4, 2019
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We don’t often have the luxury of space in our homes and are usually faced with the challenge of accommodating more in a limited space that we have available. Now, whether it is your first ever home/flat that you bought with your hard earned money or it is your university accommodation where you have a tiny room to live in, you’ll have to be creative enough to make it look bigger.

However, even if you don’t have any clue how to handle it all, here I have shared some simple tricks that will allow you to make your room look spacious regardless of its physical size. Let’s check out how it’s actually done.

1. Make Better Use Of The Curtains

When you’re planning to add curtains into a small room, you have a couple of options to give it a bigger feel. First, you can choose curtains that are exactly in the same color as that of the walls. It makes them feel like the continuation of those same walls and the space starts looking more elongated. Second, you can rely on sheer drapes rather than the full curtains. It ensures that maximum light is allowed to enter your rooms to make them feel brighter and airier.

2. Declutter The Space Every Now And Then

When you have a small space to live in, it’s essential for you to let a few irrelevant items go. It’s common to have a few things that just keep lying there and you never end up using them. So, make sure that you’re always on the lookout for any such things and try to get rid of them as soon as possible. When you have only a few items to keep, you’ll surely find a proper place to stow them away and they won’t keep lying here and there. And, obviously, when you’ll have less clutter, your room will feel bigger than it actually is.

3. Paint The Walls In More Neutral Colors

It is always advisable that you should use lighter color pallet which is both neutral and bright. Most of us don’t want to go with pure white walls as they think it looks dull. So, the alternative is to go with an interesting shade that has a close resemblance to white. For example, choosing magnolia or cream colors would do the job here. Some really light pastels and blush colors may also do the job and make your space look and feel wide open.

In addition, using neutral colors to paint the walls also helps create illusion of natural light entering the rooms. So, it would be a great idea to use them in spaces where you don’t have too many big doors or windows.

4. Use Smaller Patterns

When you opt for some featured wallpaper, furniture fabric or rug, it is advised that you go with smaller patterns as that’d make great contribution to give your rooms a bigger feel. Larger patterns always tend to drown out spaces and make them look tiny. On the other hand, smaller patterns are always going to accentuate your space further.

5. Use Mirrors While Decorating

When you are choosing the decoration elements for your rooms, make sure you go with a few mirrors too. Putting them on the walls will mean they reflect light and make your rooms start feeling more spacious. Even if you have to use a few of them, just don’t shy away. You can even use bigger mirrors to reflect more light into your space giving it a bigger feel. For best results, it is advised that you pick a certain focal point before combining it with some angle mirrors to add greater depth to your rooms.

So, these are some top tips you can rely on for creating illusion of space in your small rooms. In fact, there can be many more similar things that will help you create bigger spaces and makes your home to an ideal luxury home. Discover them!

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