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mm Paul Verbiton September 23, 2021
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Motorsports provides Giti Tire with a wonderful opportunity to evaluate the capability of its products in challenging environments. Giti Tire has worked at some of the world’s most prestigious competitions and tracks with some of their renowned products including Giti4x4 AT100, Giti4x4 AT70 and more. Giti Tire delivers technologically advanced tires with a particular combination of functionality and affordability that exceeds market standards by integrating tires with cutting-edge R&D. Consisting diverse events from circuit races to off-road ones, the races under Motorsports span over the year, enabling Giti to get a clear notion of their product performance.

Circuit Races

Circuit racing puts immense stress on the tires, putting them to the limits. This allows Giti to collect adequate data and tire adaptation using the same technologies as regular driving tires. Giti Tire has been participating in several of the world’s finest racetracks for more than a decade. Giti welcomes the opportunity to participate in a variety of vehicles, from electric SUVs to formula cars and heavy trucks.

24 Hours Nurburgring / VLN Series

The 24-Hour Race illustrates that Nürburgring is one of the world’s top tire assessment sites. To compete on this track, one must have the finest pilots, expertise, and tires. Throughout each circuit, the GitiCompete GTR1 tires are pushed to the limits in a variety of severe and continually shifting weather conditions. The Nürburgring 24 Hours Race attracts about 200,000 viewers from all over the globe, making it one of the most well-known events of its kind. The results and findings gathered throughout the testing are utilised to enhance and develop models in the future.

Formula 3 Asian Series

This FIA-approved series, which combines speed, safety, and performance, offers significant potential for the best performers to compete in Formula 2 and even Formula 1 in the long term. To explore the possibilities of competing alongside such elite racing drivers, only the highest standards tires can be approved. F3AC is a top-level formula competition with dedicated young racers that combines efficiency, safety, and motorsport expertise. The F3 Asian Championship has received positive feedback from both participants and enthusiasts so far. In 2021, Giti Tire will compete in the F3AC Series for the fourth time as the official tire supplier and brand.

Giti Truck Racing

Giti’s GitiCompete Race-Tuned V1 tires have been manufactured and tested extensively, and comprise engineering that optimizes Giti’s commercial truck tires to truck racing settings. Giti’s specifically engineered GitiCompete Race-Tuned V1 tires are utilised on such truck vehicles for any of these events and exhibits. With innovation that adapts Giti’s commercial vehicle tires to truck racing conditions, these tires have been fine-tuned via rigorous verification and validation. The severe weather settings provide a significant source of data for the brand’s other commercial vehicle tires.

Off-road Races

Giti has proven its ability to tackle every terrain and height across the world. Giti Tire welcomes the adventure of entering new regions as it brings its tires throughout the globe that are specifically developed for rocky, gravel, and snowy terrains.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb USA

This 156-turn, 1,440-meter ‘Race to the Clouds’ in Colorado Springs, USA, necessitates a vehicle and tires that are extremely robust. Giti Tire, which has been partnered with renowned Japanese racer ‘Monster’ Nohuhiro for 4 years, has shown remarkable resilience in the event, claiming the top position in the electric division in the 2013 edition.

12 Hours Malaysia Race

In the modified Lamborghini featuring GitiCompete GTR1 tires, the Giti Tire crew achieved the 2015 Sepang 12 Hours Endurance Race Group GTC championship with a squad of international racers. The race is a test of blazing sun, rainstorms, and speed bends, with competitors racing against some of the most well-known tire and automobile companies.

Mohe Ice and Snow Rally

Mohe is a province in northern China that has a subarctic environment with extremely cold temperatures. With the GitiCompete championship for SUV 4×4 challenges in the middle of winter in Mohe, Giti Tire’s race crew travelled through one of the most extreme terrains. In the event, Giti’s GTR X-Grip tires enabled the squad to win the Mohe Ice and Snow Cross Country Rally Championship as the Overall Champion.

Deserts of Asia

The GitiCompete Desert1 participated in the 10th Taklimakan Rally, a 13-day trek across Xinjiang’s challenging northwest terrain, covering 4,600 kilometres and passing through sands, boulders, and dirt.

Borneo Jungles

In 2016, Giti Tire participated in the Borneo Safari in Sabah, Malaysia, bringing a squad of Mitsubishi Tritons over several obstacles. The GitiCompete4x4 Extreme1 finished on time, following several days on the strenuous route.

Wrapping Up

Motorsport frequently exposes tires to extremes that conventional tires would rarely encounter in daily commuting. As a result, it provides engineers and designers with useful and equivalent data that allows Giti to produce superior road racing tires in the future.

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