Neuropsychological testing as a foundation for substance abuse treatment

mm Paul Verbiton February 10, 2020
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Colorado Springs, the second-largest city in Colorado, is one of the best places to live in America. It has a warm suburban feel with big-city amenities. The iconic Rocky Mountains tower over wide-open spaces and lush grasslands.

The eminence of substance abuse sometimes mars the beauty of Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, it ranks seventh in the highest consumption of alcohol, marijuana, and opioid pain medications. The seemingly harmful prescriptions often lead to abuse. Every year about 10,000 people in the area check into drug rehabilitation facilities.

For families with members who are addicted to opioid painkillers, there is a center for neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs that can help save the life of their loved one. Opioid abuse is a national crisis, and sadly, Colorado Springs is not spared from its terrible effects. Many experts now agree on the value of Neuropsychological testing on a sustainable and long-term treatment for substance abuse.

The Effects of Substance Abuse

Drug abuse during a long period changes a person drastically. There are personality changes, an inability to maintain healthy relationships, poor work performance, and a compromised sense of self. Often drug dependents are oblivious to these changes but are visible and alarming to the people around them.

Some changes are not as noticeable. Addiction is a chronic brain disorder that has a high probability of relapsing. It alters brain functions and primes it for prolonged abuse. The effects of substance abuse on the brain create a significant change in a person’s cognitive processes. It alters the way they feel, think, and behave.

The Treatment Process

Experts have established a complicated relationship between drug addiction and cognitive function. Therefore, assessing and describing cognitive abilities must be a fundamental part of the substance abuse treatment process. A program for neuropsychological testing can be used in various phases of recovery. The test results allow the neuropsychologist to create a transformative and personalized treatment method.

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing evaluates cognitive abilities through a variety of assessment tools. These standardized tests investigate a person’s cognitive functions which include the following areas:

– Memory
– Attention
– Intelligence
– Language
– Executive Function
– Perception
– Motivation
– Mood state and emotion
– Personality style
– Quality of life

The neuropsychologist will use the gathered data to develop an overall view of areas where dependents are struggling. They will analyze how these struggles impact a person’s daily life. A remarkable aspect of this assessment is not only the detection of weaknesses but also the recognition of strengths. Building on a patient’s abilities can be a capable fuel towards their recovery.

The Road to Recovery

Due to the insightful investigation into the cognitive needs of a drug-dependent person, clinical experts can fully grasp the prognosis. They can ensure that a patient gets the treatment they need for specific areas of struggle. Proven treatment methods include neurofeedback and psychotherapy. The appropriate cognitive rehabilitation program and personalized approach have a high chance of reverting the altered cognitive conditions and accelerate complete recovery. This rehabilitation plan contributes to the acquisition of new abilities that will eventually lead to treatment success.

Substance abuse has adversely affected the lives not only of the dependents but their families as well. The road to recovery is challenging, but with neuropsychological testing, there is hope for a new and peaceful life.

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