New furnace? Signs that you need to know

mm Paul Verbiton January 17, 2019
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The last thing you would want is to find yourself out in the middle of a cold season, freezing and losing hope because your furnace broke down. Furnaces are a necessity in regions that experience winter or cold seasons, which is why it is necessary that you check your furnace every now and then and look for signs if ever you need a new one.

However, knowing how to tell when your furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan can be difficult. Although you don’t need to worry because the signs that you need to know if you are in need of a new furnace will be tackled down below. Just remember that these signs may not be enough to replace your furnace, however, if you find out that there are lots of signs that apply to your furnace, then you probably need a new one.

Furnace Age

Consumer Reports has reported that the average life expectancy for gas furnaces is 18 years. On the other hand, Energy Star has reported that you should replace a furnace that is over 15 years old. Additionally, if your furnace is about 10 years old or more, then you better start monitoring it to evaluate if it has passed its best before date.

All of this gathered data just shows that if your furnace has lived up to 10 to 18 years, then you either start monitoring the furnace or opt for a new one since just like any of the equipment and things that an individual has, furnaces also deteriorates over time.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

The frequency of your furnace repair should be enough to indicate that your furnace is running out of its life expectancy. Know that furnaces incur the most repairs during its last two years of their life expectancy. This is important to know when you should stop repairing your furnace, or else the money that you have been spending for its repair won’t be worth its cost.

Now, if you have had more than two furnace repairs in just a year then it is probably time to let go of that furnace and find a replacement. Another way to tell if you should replace your furnace is if the repair cost is already over 50 percent of the cost of a new furnace. By knowing these things, you will not only save yourself from overspending due to repairs, but you could also save yourself from all the hassle that might take place later on.

The Burner Flame is Yellow

If your furnace’s flame is producing yellow flames instead of blue then it could be an indication that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide which means that the fuel is not burning as efficiently and cleanly as it could. To start with, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless toxic gas, that is produced whenever the fuel is burned which results to a deadly exposure. Know that if a furnace flame produces any color that is not blue, it is an indication of incomplete combustion and is a potentially dangerous situation.

Here are the signs that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide:

• The absence of an upward draft in the chimney
• Extra moisture on walls, windows, or any other cold surfaces
• Rust on pipe connections

If your furnace has shown any of these signs, you should turn your gas off or call for your utility company to turn it off and consider purchasing a new furnace if the problem is worse.

Increased Heating Bill

There are various reasons of problems as to why your energy bill is increasing. However, if you have been religiously scheduling regular professional maintenance for your furnace every year and your air ducts have been properly sealed, then your energy bills shouldn’t be increasing dramatically.

The steady increase of your heating bill may indicate that your furnace is in its last years. This is due to the worn-out internal parts having the need to exert and exhaust itself, resulting in a spike in your gas and electric bill. The extra money that you have been paying for your electricity and gas should go towards the buying of your new furnace, instead of keeping up with the old one and being drowned with unnecessary costs.

Strange Noises

Do your furnace create some strange noises when you turn it on? Like popping, rattling, or banging noises? If so, then it just means to say that your furnace is at the end of its life. Also, check your blower, if it turns on and off frequently and blows cold air, then this just indicates that your furnace needs to be replaced by a professional heating company like Provincial Heating.


Your furnace helps you to get comfortable and be warmed up inside your home. It is not uncommon for this equipment to deteriorate over time thus you should do what you can to prolong its life. And if it has reached its life expectancy, then let go and thank your furnace and replace it with a brand new one.

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