How to overcome social awkwardness between family members at home during quarantine

mm Paul Verbiton April 11, 2020
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What if the home does not feel like home at all? What would you do if you cannot go outside and have to sit at the table with your family member which you haven’t talked for, let us say, years of working?

The current pandemic forces people to leave their daily routines, works, and school to stay at home. Because everybody is busy being busy, it developed social awkwardness even if you are living in the same house.

Most families eat dinner together and finish it without talking to each other. Chances are you will pick up your mobile phone to engage with your virtual friend, and lock yourself in your room after taking the meal. Parents, on the other side, will do nothing aside from calculating the expenses, watching the current events, and discuss your behavior. Social awkwardness has been the current concerns between families today.

However, this pandemic helps us realize that nothing apart from our family has real value in this life. When the world shuts down everything that is from the outside, it is giving you the time to get closer to the people that will mean a lot to you when they’re gone.

You can do these things to get closer to your family

#1. Engage through common interest – Everybody is using mobile devices and gadgets today, so why not use it to engage with them. There are apps where you can show your creativity, so you can let them join you instead of doing it alone.

#2. Watch TV series together – Movies are good, but the TV series is better. It keeps you engage in every episode of the season. The best part is there is someone you can discuss the decision of the main character. Your family member will listen or argue with you, and that’s a fun thing to do.

#3. Simple compliments will do the trick – Learn to appreciate little efforts your family member has done for you. It can be a simple “thank you” will definitely light the mood.

#4. Cook something everybody can eat – Fast-food chains are closed, so it is the best time that you cook fries or make your version of sandwiches while watching your favorite TV series.

#5. Learn something new – You may ask your mother to teach you how to cook, and you can ask your father with business perspectives. You can also impart what you’ve learned from school or work to your parents. As a parent, you can ask your son or daughter to join you in what you are doing and enjoy the process. You should avoid getting mad for small mistakes.

#6. Shopping together – Today is the best time you can buy your family members something special.

The spread of the virus is out of our control, so there is no point in complaining. It would always be best to take this time to get closer to our family members. Learn a different side of them that you might not know. Cook and eat together to enjoy quality time.

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