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mm Paul Verbiton September 28, 2018
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We are living in an era and a world with endless achievable possibilities. Choices and options for everything are vast and never ending. Career and profession choices are vast enough to drown you in! Now, it depends upon you to look out for your passion to choose your profession.

Choose from the best of your capabilities and educate, practice and preach it, to reach the level of a professional. Recent changing trends and studies have shown a boom in the healthcare industry. With every passing day, there is an increased demand for healthcare professionals around the world. One such profession which has witnessed a lot of people gravitating towards it is that of a “Pharmacy Technician”. And, if as of now you are not very well aware about it then we will make you understand why it is the most promising career in the times to come!

What is a pharmacy technician?

A person certified to directly supervise a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacist Technician is the one who helps by dispensing the prescribed drugs to the patients by the doctor, reviewing the medicines etc. Not just limiting to this but they also give a clear review of the kind of subscription the doctor has made, describing when and how to consume. Also, maintain the inventory, checking for the expired products if any and then discarding them, so that they are not sold by mistake.

The pharmacy industry has witnessed amplified results in terms of its growing scope, importance, need. Courses related to it are included in the educational institutions across the globe. With widespread knowledge and awareness everyone is getting enlightened by this budding profession. Let us take you on a quick run through this profession; you never know you would too want to choose this as your career.


No need to invest several years in the research and study! Yes.

A diploma, short course, certification course, even an pharmacy technician online course would do and also, there will be a handsome salary just with the beginning of your career with a rapid growth professionally and personally. Health Care Professionals are required worldwide. A country might be rich or poor, developed or underdeveloped, a pharmacy technician is an aid to many people in many ways. Not just helping hand in delivering the correct medicines prescribed by the doctor but a pharmacist technician also helps file insurance forms, providing the right guidance on it.

Some of you might not be really sure whether to take it up as a career maybe. The fear of watching broken bones or blood might be stopping you from choosing this career option. But, we have good news here for you. In this profession you need not worry about this too.

What does a pharmacy technician do

Duties to be handled by pharmacy technicians: supervising, supplying, servicing professionals.

  • Supplying medicines to the patients, under the supervision of a professional pharmacist, over the counter.
  • Provide information to the patients and other healthcare professionals, giving them the guidance on what quantity to intake, when and giving them some basic instructions.
  • To manage areas of medicines supply such as dispensaries, hospitals, stores, retail pharmacy, independent pharmacy.
  • Supervising the pharmacy staff.

Why to become a pharmacy technician?

Some Rewarding Advantages

Rapid growth, demand

After certification, education, experience you could bag a role for yourself depending on the nature and size of the pharmacy store where you work. Many exciting possibilities are there once you start working. As a team leader, technician supervisor or maybe an inventory regulator and many more designations you can bag.

Endless professional options to pursue from retail pharmacies to pharmaceutical companies to hospitals, shops also attending the mail order prescriptions, for brands or for your personal business. Choose and chase what interests you the most.

Good earning potential

All you need is to choose the right course to get certified and gain experience. In a short course of time you will be offered handsome packages. In your country or even if you wish to settle abroad this profession would open so many gates for you.

A recession proof career

Time and real life situations are the proof that recessions has always one way or the other effected, altered the need and supply of trained labour. Pharmacy technician is a profession that holds steady during times of recession because healthcare services are always in demand. Economy can never affect the need for professional healthcare assistance and needs.

Scope and opportunities

People are not well aware as what other than a working as Pharmacy technicians you can work in many different work environments. These include:

  • Community pharmacies also known as retail pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical sales or production in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Prisons
  • Primary care organisations
  • Education and training
  • The military
  • Veterinary pharmacy
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Independent Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Academics
  • Consultant Pharmacy
  • Government Agencies

Job Role

1. Confirming the prescription orders and reviewing them

An important part of the technician’s role is to obtain and confirm the patient’s information when he or she brings in a written prescription. Because one small mistake could lead to major disaster, it is very important that a pharmacist gives attention to each detail.

2. Preparing and filling prescriptions.

It is more than just counting pills and labeling bottles. The job role of a pharmacy technician is a detail-oriented process.

3. Interacting with customers and answering questions

Working within a retail pharmacy of any kind, you are expected to have daily interactions with your customers or patients. Helping and guiding them about the prescriptions, locating the medication, answering the basic queries or medical questions.

4. A pharmacy technician must be able to provide simple answers and solutions to technical questions

Giving information about the insurance coverage plans and copays. Strong interpersonal skills are required to make your presence feel helpful.

5. Taking the patients through the entire process of getting the right insurance

Giving them the right information and guidance, as in which plan to choose

6. Managing inventory

Anyone coming to a pharmacy store wouldn’t want to hear that they are out of a particular medicine. This causes inconvenience as well as is a serious problem in case of emergency. Therefore, regular inventory checking, keeping a check on shortage of anything. Daily checking whether the inventory is in good condition, discarding the expired stock. All these duties fall on the shoulders of the pharmacy technician.

Future Prospects, Scope

With an increase in common lifestyle diseases, there is a huge demand for quality healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and pharmacist technicians. The changing lifestyle, whether eating or living style in recent years has lead to the surge in the demand of pharmacist technician world over.

This has created a ripple effect on affiliated services like pharmaceutical-support/help and allied health care jobs as well.

The BLS has predicted that there will be around 70,700 new job openings from 2012 to 2022. And, a profession like in this field opens various other gateways into other related professions as well. A trained, certified and experienced pharmacist can branch out or move out to some other specialized jobs in pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

Another great option could be in big establishments and that too at supervisory and managerial levels.

Why is it going to be a great choice?

Evolution in health care practice, research, study and services has resulted in budding of new opportunities for pharmacists. This profession is about working towards improvising the healthcare standards.

Its higher demand smaller pool will lead to more job openings, more value, better future prospects.

Healthcare professions like that of a doctor, nurse, pharmacists, pharmacist technicians are on the rise. Advancement in science and technology is everyday bringing certain changes.

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