Picking up the pieces after a home fire

mm Paul Verbiton November 3, 2021
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Having your home destroyed by a fire is one of the most catastrophic calamities you’ll ever face.

It’ll bring your entire world literally crashing down around you, resulting in homelessness, confusion, personal injuries, and a big mess left to clean up after.

There’s nothing easy about picking up the pieces after such a disaster.

But with some hope, determination, and a bit of guidance, you have the power to come back from this disaster and rebuild your life.

And in this post, we’re going to talk about 9 steps to do exactly that after experiencing such a disaster.

Let’s get into it.

1. Get Medical Attention If Needed, First And Foremost

Your physical health and safety (and that of your family) is the number-one thing to think about.

You also want to consider the physical health and well-being of any pets after a fire.

Make sure to go to the emergency room, as burns can expose you to a serious risk of infection, and the smoke can cause damage to the lungs.

Also make sure that your pets get to a veterinarian, to ensure that they don’t have any long-term damage or injuries.

2. Find A Safe Place To Stay For The Short Term

In the wake of a fire, you won’t be able to stay at your own house – even if the fire didn’t completely destroy the structure.

It just isn’t safe to stay in your house until it’s been completely cleared for safety, and the damage repaired.

Therefore, a major priority in the wake of a fire is to find friends, family members, or even members of your local community to stay with.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

You’ll want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to start working on your claim.

Thankfully, you’ll probably be compensated for the loss of property and belongings.

Work with your agent to walk through this process.

It’ll take some time and energy. But it’s a necessary step that you’ll need to take in order to get your life back on track.

4. Take Some Time To Collect Your Thoughts And Deal With The Loss

This disaster is probably going to change your life.

At the very least, it’s going to be a setback that’ll take time to recover from.

So it’s important to collect your thoughts and to attempt to stay positive.

Try to deal with each step as it comes, and make sure to find some time to just ‘exist’ and deal with the emotional fallout of the disaster.

5. Deal With The Aftermath

As you work with your insurance company to get your claim started, it’ll be important to try to continue as usual with the normal components of your life.

Going to work, taking the kids to school, and just, in general, continuing to try to function as a normal family will be an important part of moving on and overcoming this calamity.

6. Try To Stay Positive And Hopeful For The Future

You may face some depression or anxiety in the wake of a house fire.

There will probably be times when you’ll struggle to feel hopeful and optimistic about the future.

But it’s incredibly important that you strive to maintain a sense of ‘hope’ in the wake of such a disaster.

You certainly have good reasons to feel down. But try not to allow yourself to feel hopeless.

7. Address Any Mental Health Issues That May Arise In Your Family After The Disaster

Your family may also be dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. in the wake of such an event.

These things are to be expected as part of the aftermath of such a disaster.

It may be helpful to think about going to therapy or counseling, either as a family or individually, to help you cope with the psychological elements of it.

This can be really helpful in re-orienting you to move on.

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

In some cases, you just may need some help.

You may need a ride to work, a place to stay, food to eat, etc.

You may even need clothes to wear in the short-term following the disaster.

If so, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for what you need.

It may be humbling, but that’s part of what community is for.

9. Stay Determined – You Can Get Through This

At the end of the day, it’s crucial to remember that you can get through this.

Picking up the pieces after experiencing a house fire may be one of the hardest things you ever go through.

But it’s crucial to stay determined and to believe in yourself.

You can come back from this and put your life back together.

Just keep moving forward, and don’t give up.


There you have it.

9 tips for picking up the pieces and moving on after a house fire.

All that’s left now is to get started.

It’s a long journey, but you’ve got this.

You can do it!

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