5 reasons to swap your plastic gazebo for a wooden one

mm Paul Verbiton June 10, 2019
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A gazebo can be great for entertaining and spending time outdoors and with summer coming up, it’s the perfect addition to any garden. However, choosing the right one can be tricky and although plastic has been the way to go for decades now, wooden gazebos are growing popular by the day.

Here, we break down the 5 reasons why you should swap your plastic gazebo for a wooden one to create a classy and modern look in your garden this summer.

They are Handcrafted

When you take a look at the luxury wooden gazebos available to buy, you will find that they are often handcrafted and handmade. This is a big difference between plastic and wooden gazebos and it’s one of the reasons why people tend to choose wooden over plastic. Having something that has been handcrafted adds a personal touch, which not only makes it more appealing to those who appreciate great carpentry, but it also makes them sturdier and less likely to break.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Another great reason to swap your plastic gazebo for a wooden one is that they are, generally, more pleasing to the eye. Many people like their gardens to emit a certain atmosphere that creates a calm and tranquil sense of surrounding, and a wooden gazebo’s ability to blend in makes this all the more possible.

They Can Be Thatched

While plastic gazebos are often the cheaper option, they are not always the best one. One of the great things about wooden gazebos is that they can be thatched which can help to create the perfect country feel. Thatched gazebos are perfect for those rainy summer nights, as they provide the perfect shelter and the hard, wooden structure means that the days of plastic gazebos flying off in the wind are long gone.

Longer Lasting

Sick of having to replace your plastic gazebo every other year? It might be time to invest in a wooden gazebo which will last a lot longer if you maintain it properly. There are plenty of guides out there on maintaining wooden structures and a wooden gazebo should last between 6 to 10 years, removing the hassle of a gazebo hunt in the gardening aisle at the beginning of every summer.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s no secret that our use of plastics is slowly damaging the environment and our waste levels are rising. While a plastic gazebo is versatile and an easy and cheap alternative to wood, eventually, it will need to be replaced and the old one put into landfill. A wooden gazebo’s longer life expectancy drastically reduces the amount of plastic going into landfill every winter, positively impacting the environment. By buying a wooden gazebo as an investment piece, you’re not only saving yourself money in the long run, you’re making a sustainable choice too.

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