Ten top reasons why you should consider rotational molding in plastic manufacturing

mm Paul Verbiton February 3, 2020
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Are you a plastic manufacturer looking for new ways to produce your products? You may consider using the rotational molding technology in your process. By using this process, you can create sturdy plastic products, such as water tanks and pallets.

What is Rotational Molding?

Also called rotomolding or rotocasting, Rotational molding is a process which involves melting the plastic and pouring it to your mold to take its shape. You can effectively control the thickness of your product through careful engineering and design.

Unlike other plastic manufacturing processes, rotocasting is a very versatile and exceptionally fast production method. Due to its many features and benefits, many plastics companies integrated it into their operations.

Benefits and Advantages of Rotomolding

As a plastic products manufacturer, you need an efficient process to bolster your production and increase your profitability. Here are some of the reasons why rotocasting is a useful component of your plastic operation:

  • Product size versatility – You can manufacture different sizes of products through rotomolding. As a result, you can offer more products on the market. You can also attract more businesses to become your clients.
  • Limitless design – The technology allows you to design products in various shapes and sizes. Other types of processes do not have this capability. With this capability, you can secure more business opportunities.
  • Fast cooling – You can easily manufacture a new mold for a new design or product. By using a cast aluminum mold, you will avoid the use of ejection or in-mold cooling. Your rotational molding supplier can also assist you in this area.
  • Speed and efficiency – With rotocasting, you can significantly increase your production. It will also allow you to manufacture both small and large batches of products quickly. As a result, you can easily meet the increasing demand of your customers. It also minimizes your inventory issues.
  • Produce lighter products – Plastic is a lot lighter than metal or wood. By producing light products, you can do away with costly heavy equipment to lift them during delivery. You can also optimize the efficiency of your warehousing operation.
  • Environment-friendly – The rotomolding process produces minimal waste of raw materials. There are also no toxic chemicals or hazardous substances emitted to the environment during production. Furthermore, plastic products are recyclable, so they produce a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Metal insert compatibility – In rotocasting, you can introduce your metal inserts to the product quickly during the production process. This capability allows you to manufacture a combination of metal and plastic products at lower costs.
  • Color separation – You can produce products in a variety of colors using the technology. As a result, you can offer products with a variety of designs for your customers.
  • Mold decorations – It is easier for you to integrate design graphics and other decorations to your product through the in-mold method. With this feature, you can quickly print items like bar codes, serial numbers, and brand logos to the product.
  • Quality finish – If you want a quality surface finish, rotocasting is the right technology for you. Products produced from the process feature high-gloss and smooth surfaces.

Plastic product manufacturing is a competitive industry. You must have proper management skills, skilled employees, and the right equipment and tools to compete and thrive. With rotational molding, you are equipping yourself with the technology needed to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals.

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