Saving energy during winter

mm Paul Verbiton February 27, 2020
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The capital of New South Wales (NSW), Sydney, happens to be one of down under’s busting territories. It is home to the iconic structures like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Although it rarely snows in this region, the chilly breeze remains frigid and bitterly cold. The coldest month in Western Sydney, Australia, is in July.

It is common for people to keep their space heaters running during the winter season, so everyone’s energy bills naturally spike higher. If you are concerned about such a massive jump in your energy costs, you should speak to an electrician in Western Sydney so they can check if your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is in good working order. However, if you have already gotten that tuned-up, consider the following winter energy saving tips below to keep your bills low even during the coldest months.

Check Your Insulation

Never underestimate the power of good insulation as this can keep you cozy and comfy all year round. The most neglected part of the house is usually the attic. If you want to stay warm during winter, make sure your attic has the proper insulation to prevent the warm air from leaving your home. On top of that, you can consider adding simple insulation boards to all your windows or use insulating window treatments to keep the heat in and prevent it from escaping.

Seal Windows and Doors

Sometimes, you feel a cool draft coming in. This means one of your doors or windows is not sealed well, causing the disturbance in the airflow. This cool draft keeps your furnace working double time, so your bill goes up. To avoid this occurrence in your home, make sure that you replace the seals of all your windows and doors if they are no longer shutting tightly.

Insulate the Water Heater and Pipes

Many people overlook insulating the water heater and pipes in their homes, but this is a nifty trick recommended by an electrician in Western Sydney. This process is simple and easy to do yourself. Just buy an insulating fire-retardant jacket and cover your water heater and pipes. Usually, these are located in an unheated area like the basement or garage. Doing this can save you a lot of money because it keeps the water in the heater reservoir and the pipes from getting too cold.

Snuggle Up and Dress Down the Thermostat Reading

Bundle up in warm clothes like woollen jumpers or cashmere sweaters. This fashion-choice will allow you to play with your thermostat reading. You can keep the numbers lower by at least five to seven degrees, saving you a ton of money each month. Just make sure that everyone in your family is comfortable before you consider changing the ambient home temperature. You can also try taking it down a degree each day, so you can slowly acclimate your body.

Open the Drapes

Bask and enjoy the power of the sun when it is at its peak so that you can get all its brightness and warmth even in winter. Aside from helping you heat your home, you can get the much-needed Vitamin-D that comes from the sun. Just remember to close the drapes or your other styles of window treatments when the sun is about to set.

Final Word

There are many ways to lower your energy costs during winter. It is natural for your energy bill to spike higher because most people stay home when it is too chilly outside. With these handy tips, you can enjoy the winter season without hurting your pocketbook.

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