5 ways you are sitting wrong at your desk

mm Paul Verbiton March 26, 2021
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If you have been experiencing frequent spasms and soreness in your neck, back, or shoulder region lately and have been trying to sweep it all under the carpet by telling yourself that it is only because of the current work from home pattern, then give this a read.

Most of the working professionals spend almost one third of their day on a chair before their laptops and computers. Sitting posture has a significant impact on your physical and mental health as well as your productivity. Needless to say, wrong sitting posture only makes you lethargic and susceptible to body ailments. So, if you have been spending long hours before your laptop, make sure you chalk off one of the following habits from your sitting posture.

1. Lack of lumbar support

Lumbar support is an essential element of any furniture on which you spend a significant amount of time. Its primary job is to provide a solid support to your back and spine while maintaining your posture while you sit. If you are sitting on a chair with no lumbar support, you are only inching closer to chronic spinal and back conditions as you age. Lumbar support comes in different forms, from adjustable, fixed to external and dynamic. Make sure you pick a chair according to your gender and BMI.

2. Wrong height adjustment

Every person has a different stature and unique upper and lower body ratio. While some people have legs taller than the rest of their body, others tend to have a taller torso. It is important that the height adjustment be a permanent part of your working desk and chair since it allows each person to customise it as per health requirement. You can also read our guide to desk height for deeper insights into the perfect height as per your body type.

3. Slouched back

The recent work from home trend, which is the courtesy of pandemic has only worsened the condition of slouched back and shoulders. Since people are working from the comfort of their homes, most prefer to use their bed, sofa or almost any piece of fitting and furniture apart from a chair! Slouching your back sure feels comfortable for quite some time but in the longer run, it only decreases your productive hours. Make sure you have an L-shaped posture with your elbows and arms. Try to invest in a chair which lets you rest against it. However, if you still feel the need for extra support, use a cushion or backrest instead of slouching closer to your laptop.

4. C-shaped spine

It has been observed that people who have a desk job and work on their computers for most part of their day tend to develop bad posture habits. Bending your spine for longer hours increases the tension in your muscles and causes tightening of chest area, the excess of which causes pain to develop in the back and spine region. In order to avoid this, make sure you are not sitting which creates a gap between your back and the backrest. The best way is to sit in an L-shaped posture, with your back in line with the lumbar support of the chair.

5. No armrest

Armrest is one of the most essential elements of the chair which supports the posture of the body while sitting. Most people have the tendency to cross their knees while sitting because it seems more comfortable and relaxing. If you are one of those, do make it a point to remind yourself not to sit in the position. Your knees and forearms must always be resting parallel to the floor while your head should be straight while working on the computer.

Bottom line

No matter what you do, it is practically impossible to maintain a perfect posture all the time. It is for this reason that it becomes important to equip your office or home office with furniture which supports your working hours. Invest in chairs with lumbar support and adequate height adjustment. Try to use your entire body while sitting or standing and do not just put the weight on one side of your body. The bottom line is to not let your working hours reflect poorly on your body.

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