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mm Paul Verbiton November 16, 2018
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The time has come to share some good news with you. At least with some of you who could be interested in this. I decided, finally, to accept guest posting on my blog. I hadn’t anything against it before, in fact I did publish a few guest posts in the previous months, sort of testing it, that made me change my position towards accepting guest posts, but now I can say I embrace this idea and collaboration concept.

I’ve read a lot about guest blogging while preparing for this step, I also published some guest posts on other blogs to see how it’s like from the other side so today I am fine with exploring guest blogging opportunities and help your brand benefit from guest posting on my blog.

What you get

I know, when you contact me, that you want to reach one or more of these goals:

1. Building your writing portfolio.
2. Positioning yourself as an authority in the industry you’re writing about.
3. Getting exposure and traffic to your website.
4. Building backlinks to your website.

When you submit a guest post to me, you can get all of them.

The things don’t stop after publishing your article. I will promote it on social media and I have to tell you something about this, after I publish an article I put it into the social media app I use, practically it gets onto an ever-green list those posts are promoted on Twitter and Facebook again and again. That’s the reason I will gladly accept ever-green topics so if possible try to avoid topics such as this winter, this summer, next year, this holiday.

I will accept posts in the following categories:

  • Home & Garden: home improvement, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, ceiling, floors, plumbing, electrical, heating, cleaning, gardening, moving to a new house, home decor, interior design, painting, renovation, roofing, pest control, home security, windows, DIY guides etc
  • Travel: travel destinations, tourist attractions, starting a travel business, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews etc
  • Lifestyle: clubbing, food, mens fashion, entertainment, music, family, wedding, parenting, photography, pets etc
  • Shopping: product reviews, services reviews, gadgets, online shopping etc
  • Business: business profiles, technology, apps, insurance, legal, property, real estate, career, social media, marketing, SEO, artificial intelligence etc
  • Automotive: cars, bikes, car repair and maintenance etc
  • Health: fitness, healthcare etc
  • Education: writing, schooling, personal development etc
  • Hobbies: fishing, hiking, blogging etc

If your topic is not on the list it doesn’t mean I don’t accept it, just ask for a confirmation.

Here’s how you should pitch me:

Send your article. It’s that simple. There’s no need to ask me if I accept guest posts, as long as this article on my blog is live, it means I’m still accepting guest posts. There’s no need to send me a list of topics for me to choose. There’s a simple explanation: if I want to publish an article on a specific topic, I’ll write it myself. As long as it’s a guest post, it should be on the topic that fits you best. I will see your article and if I’m ok with it, I will publish it. If I’m not ok with it, I’ll let you know so you can send it to somebody else (if I don’t publish it, logic, I won’t use it).

How much it costs:

My editorial fee is $30. If you’re looking for free posting, well, that’s something I accept from fellow bloggers with personal blogs and no commercial interest. If you are a blogger outreach or work for/represent a company or have an affiliate marketing website, submit a guest post if you’re willing to pay the editorial fee.

Guest post guidelines

I insist on relevance and quality. And I consider there can’t be quality in less than 500 words. So please make sure your article is longer than that. You can include 1-2 links to your website and eventually some authority links that might be relevant to your content. And if you feel like including an author bio, include it (but it’s not mandatory). Irrelevant or poorly written guest posts will most likely be rejected.

Try to be concise when you write for us. Also try to keep your paragraphs short, it increases the visibility of the paragraphs and keeps the reader’s attention. Two sentences is typically ok. Three sentences are acceptable but more than than into a paragraph will do more harm than good. Why? Because short paragraphs are easier to understand and digest, help drive your point across, and encourage reading in this age of information overload and short attention spans.

Hopefully this information answered most of your questions. Ready to submit a guest post?

Submit guest post

Send your article by email to me at this address:    contact [@] verbiton [.] com

I’ll most probably answer you the same day. And publishing can happen at the same time.

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