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5 ways you are sitting wrong at your desk

mm Paul Verbiton March 26, 2021
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businessman using laptop at desk
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If you have been experiencing frequent spasms and soreness in your neck, back, or shoulder region lately and have been trying to sweep it all under the carpet by telling yoursel... read more

Crafting ideas: how to do unusual paint parties

mm Paul Verbiton February 26, 2021
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blonde woman painter in her studio
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Have you been thinking about holding your own paint party? Then you may want to learn more about how to paint have some of the more unusual paint parties so you can attract more... read more

Ways to attract and maintain positive energy everyday

mm Paul Verbiton February 2, 2021
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happy couple on the balcony
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Our choices determine our every moment. How we choose to live determines whether we will live in peace or in resistance and consequentially unrest. And the energy we transmit in... read more

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