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Tips to make your living room cozier

mm Paul Verbiton May 22, 2019
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cozy living room
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Whether or not a design of any kind is satisfactory depends exclusively on the person making the observation. So, when planning a remodel of your living room, the first thing th... read more

How to create an illusion of space in your small rooms

mm Paul Verbiton March 4, 2019
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small white orange room
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We don’t often have the luxury of space in our homes and are usually faced with the challenge of accommodating more in a limited space that we have available. Now, whether it ... read more

Home customization tips and tricks you should consider

mm Paul Verbiton February 19, 2019
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living room home decor
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When buying a new house, or merely moving into one, you’ll find that it’ll take some work until you manage to turn the place into an actual home. For this, you need to find ... read more

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