6 tips for more efficient kitchen organization

mm Paul Verbiton November 12, 2018
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kitchen organization

The organization of your kitchen can make the difference between your reluctance to prepare meals and your eagerness to do so. Due to the fact that this is an activity that is performed on a daily basis in your household, as well as the fact that you might not be the only one to use the kitchen, this issue is not so simple. Outside of this, if you ever decide to sell the place, the kitchen would be one of the first places visited by the buyer, which means that it’s an important selling point of the property. With that in mind and without further ado, here are six tips for more efficient kitchen organization.

1. Outside the drawers

When it comes to the organization of small items and utensils in your kitchen, most people immediately think about drawers. Therefore, the organization of the kitchen usually comes down to getting new drawer dividers. Still, in order to think outside the box, you need to start thinking outside the drawer. This means shelves, racks and even wall hooks that can be used to hang your pans. This also depends on the availability of wall space around you.

One more interesting option is the ability to completely avoid the use of labels, by customizing shelves and racks so that they indicate the content of the container. Here, you have so many options to choose from. Open shelving also boosts transparency, which, on its own, gives you greater kitchen efficiency. While on this topic, you should also keep in mind the fact that cabinets are (for the most part) overrated and unnecessary. This is why the above-listed hooks, shelves, bars with hooks and similar solutions are more than capable of doing the trick.

2. An efficient island

A kitchen island is perhaps the most iconic of all kitchen elements, seeing as how it separates vital areas of the room and gives the kitchen user maximum space efficiency. In order to make this efficiency work in your favor, however, you need to start by designing wide enough walkways. The simplest tip for achieving this lies in staying clear of the corner and understanding the traffic around the room. Once you know all of this, you need to plan the landing space, and doing so while taking quartzite countertops into considerations is, by far, the best idea.

3. Utilize corners

The corner is almost always the most problematic area of the kitchen. Sure, corner shelves may provide you with a lot of potential storage space, however, it’s more efficient to go with a turntable instead. The reason why this is so practical is due to the fact that it provides you with the easiest possible access to any item stored here. After all, during the kitchen activities, where time is of the essence and every second counts, this trend can become completely game-changing.

4. Choose quality appliances

This may sound as a bit obvious or even unnecessary; nonetheless, the quality and reliability of appliances have to do with more than just efficiency of the kitchen. It’s an organizational issue, as well. You see, in order to fix a dishwasher that’s broken, you would have to extract it, which might not be an easy thing to do in some kitchen layouts. Sometimes, in order to perform this simple action, you’ll have to disrupt the entire room, which is something you would most likely want to avoid. Therefore, going with high-end appliances such as Miele dishwashers (if we’re still using the same example) can save you a lot of trouble.

5. Uniform containers

The problem with uniform containers lies in the fact that you have to label them or open them in order to see what’s inside. However, this is only true if they’re not transparent. Namely, if they’re transparent, the texture and color of the contents will decide their visuals. Another perk of going for uniform containers lies in the fact that, since they’re all of the same dimension, they’re easy to stack one onto another, which means that you’ll have the chance to better utilize the storage space. Furthermore, after washing them, it won’t matter which container gets filled with what, which would otherwise be the case.

6. Vertical garden

The next trend that’s getting more and more popular is the one of creating a vertical garden in your kitchen. This garden shouldn’t be only aesthetic in form, seeing as how these vertical living wall planters can be used for growing herbs and ingredients. The perk of this, apart from giving amazing visuals and a wonderful smell to the kitchen, also lies in the fact that you get to harvest fresh ingredients whenever you need them. Due to the fact that you’re literally picking them in order to use them right away, it’s literally impossible for them to be any fresher. Since this is not an action that you’ll perform for every meal, this vertical garden doesn’t have to be within your reach.


Organizing your kitchen is something you do once, and then you get to deal with the results of it every single day until the next kitchen remodeling project or relocation. This is why, while doing it, you need to spare no effort.

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