Treating your back pain with compression wraps

mm Paul Verbiton February 13, 2020
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Back pain can be a familiar feeling, though not a comfortable one in any way. If you sit long hours in the office while staring at a computer screen, it can be easy to forget about posture, causing some strain in your back area. While it may seem harmless, back pain can escalate to more significant issues if not appropriately addressed. If you have been experiencing severe back pain, in particular, it will be best to seek medical assistance.

Posture and alignment are two of the most significant necessities to keeping your back in its proper form. However, slouching for extended periods or working out with the wrong form can cause strain in your back, especially if you only mistake it for fatigue. If you struggle with this problem, back compression may be the solution to keeping your body in its proper alignment.

With advancing technologies, compression clothing has become a leading innovator in the fitness industry. Though they were originally designed to shorten recovery time for athletes due to the increased blood flow, compression clothing has evolved to address medical concerns. Back compression wraps and garments, in particular, have been on the rise due to the prevalence of back pain, which is so common that it is considered the third most common reason why people schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Structural Support

Compression garments will help keep your body aligned, so your shoulders and back can stay upright and in their proper forms. Advanced technologies have also made it possible for back compression clothing to include physiotherapy taping, which is often used by therapists to help support your muscles and joints.

Some compression wraps may also target the core; they wrap around your lower back and keep your muscles warm. This feature will be useful if you spend most of your days standing or sitting, or if you do a lot of exercises that involve engaging the core.

Pain Relief

If you are looking for compression clothing for working out, you can look out for variations that have pain-relief features. Some wraps specifically target muscle spasms, so they have features like medical compression, which can aid in soothing the pain from injuries. Weaker muscles from an injury will lead to less stability, so having a compression wrap to maintain your posture will also help in your healing.

Ergonomic Fit

If you have opted out of getting back compression wraps because of the fear that it would be uncomfortable or bulky under your clothing, worry not! Modern technologies have allowed brands to consider the style and fit of compression clothing while still maintaining the ergonomic benefits.

If you ever browse through compression wraps online or in stores, check out the features, and you might find that some have specific fabrics to help with the fit. For example, some fabrics will act like glue to your body, so you can ensure the wrap will not slip when you are working out. Other wraps may also have a second-skin design that prevents you from looking awkward when you put on your clothes.

No matter what the cause of your back strain may be, you will find the proper compression garment to treat some of the discomforts. Different variations exist in the market to cater to different needs, so make sure to look out for those when searching for the right one. Some wraps will be specifically designed for more active people, while others will be more suitable for people who work long hours in the office.

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