Ways to attract and maintain positive energy everyday

mm Paul Verbiton February 2, 2021
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Our choices determine our every moment. How we choose to live determines whether we will live in peace or in resistance and consequentially unrest. And the energy we transmit into the world is the same kind we receive back.

While this may sound somewhat puzzling, it really is very simple to understand. Our spirits, bodies, and minds compose energy, which vibrates out of ourselves and envelops others. Those vibrations envelop all of our being inside and out and impact our energy stores.

This is the reason you will find incredible cheerfulness, calm, warmth, and peace in a certain person’s company, while some others may make you feel cold, blue, and anxious. The sort of energy we carry within ourselves affects us and surrounds the others in our presence and vice versa.

In this article, we discuss ways in which you can attract and maintain positive energy every day.

1. Wear Clothes with Powerful Messages

Despite the influence of technology on us, nothing moves us more than thoughtful and provoking words. Custom clothing or clothes with powerful messages are one way to inspire and spread positivity wherever you go.

It might just be a message that the others around you needed to uplift their spirits or find optimism and positivity. Choosing specific quotes and messages that encourage others to be kind, understanding, empathetic, and forgiving works like a charm. You could inspire yourself and your environment with a simple practice like this.

2. Meditate

It may sound like a cliché to you by now, but no matter how many times you hear it, nothing can fill you with calm, more courage, and peace than meditation. It is a process of flushing out all negativity, bitterness, and despair from your mind and soul and letting good thoughts, balance, and calm enrich your being through and through.

3. Your Thoughts Should be in the Right Tone

Negative thinking is like the plague. Once it starts spreading, you can do nothing at all to stop it then. So it is with negative thoughts. Once you get into the habit of thinking negatively or developing an air of indifference, it will become a permanent trait in you.

Hence, you must only let positivity run through you and mentally steel yourself against negative thoughts. Once you make that a permanent habit, you will remain optimistic and hopeful throughout. The Dalai Lama’s words fit aptly here:

“Look at the positive side, the potential, and then make an effort.”

4. Engrave a Message on an Ornament

Like wearing clothes with powerful words on them, an ornament that is a plain view on a daily basis is good for engravings. You can engrave powerful and positive quotes on it that reinforce feelings of positive, hope, and all good things.

The personalized sign can serve as a reminder to you all through your day to feed your positive energy rather than the negative one and inspire your visitors.

5. Remove Negative Influences from Your Life

Negative influences are the monsters that eat up the sense of well-being and peace from your life. They’re the ones who rob you of happiness and positivity and leave you feeling bitter and blue all the time.

These negative people can be situations or people that cause unfavorable clouds to hover over you. If these things are because of toxic people in your life, then it is time to cut them off. Remove them forever from your life and keep their constant criticisms and bid vibes well away from you.

There is no good in maintaining relationships and contacts just for the sake of formalities, especially if they’re the ones spoiling the quality of your life.

6. Mindful Relaxation

Relaxing is like expanding, and stress is like contracting. The more you relax, the more you can open up to positive energy and spread it around it too.

It is good to treat your body now and then to a break and a lot of pampering. Check up with your body from time to time to see how relaxed or tensed it is. Meanwhile, make it a regular practice to take deep breaths during your hectic daily routine and just exhale, let go and relax.

A simple practice like this will help your tense muscle points to unclench and relax consciously.

7. Celebrate Yourself As You Are

You need to stop validating other people’s approval of you. You need to stop allowing them to dictate your standards of acceptance. You have to stop letting others point out the flaws and shortcomings in you.

While no one is perfect, nature has created each one of us unique and endowed in our way. You must learn to accept and love yourself just the way you are. Never train yourself to live by other people’s approval or make a living up to their expectations of the purpose of your life.

Final Thoughts

Living at peace with your self is important because it helps you attract positive energy all the time. When you resist or let pessimism surround you, you create negative vibes all around, which becomes reflective of your being.

With a few simple choices and some healthy practices, you can transform into a highly positive, cheerful, and optimistic person.

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