Wedding entertainment games to fill your reception with laughter

mm Paul Verbiton September 4, 2020
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Let’s admit it; no one ever likes a boring wedding reception!

In addition to the festive food, flowing drinks, feel-good music, and romantic moments, guests look forward to a wedding program that’s both fun and one that they will remember with smiles and laughter in the years to come.

Undeniably, every couple aspires to have a fun and memorable wedding, and this means having a good wedding entertainment coordinator like Evengo who will ensure that all parts of the wedding are running smoothly from the ceremony up to the reception.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best wedding games that will surely bring fun to your guests from traditional bride and groom bouquet and garter toss to trivia quizzes! Read on to know more:

Traditional Wedding Games

Yup, bouquet throwing still produces shrieks of joy among single female guests in any wedding. In this section, we will discuss timeless traditional wedding games that guests will surely enjoy:

The Shoe Game

This is one of the favourite wedding games to play at wedding receptions. The newly weds sit back to back in front of the guests while each one has one of their shoes. The wedding entertainment coordinator or the wedding host asks questions, and the couple has to answer simultaneously by holding up the shoe that corresponds to their answer.

Questions range from Who said I love you first? Who made the first move? Who snores louder? Who gets mad easily? Who is the better dancer? Who says I love you more?

Who is more likely to be running late? Who is the better cook? Who is more likely to turn the house upside down? Who has more dirty laundry?

And though the guests won’t be playing, they’ll surely burst into laughter as your answers reveal the truth about how you view yourselves and each other in this silly game.

Marriage Advice

You know that huge picture frame with the newly-wed couple’s wedding picture on and a massive space for dedication? It’s like this game, but a tweaked version.

In this game, guests will be provided with a card each and they’ll be asked to write the best marriage advice that they can give to the couple. The couple then can randomly pick a card to read in front of the audience.

This game will bring not only words of wisdom, but also funny revelations among the guests through their words of advice.

Beer Pong

This game will remind of your guests about their carefree college days that will surely make them feel nostalgic.

Or you can have a team bride versus team groom beer pong match!

Couple Dance

In this game, the wedding entertainment host can ask all married couples to dance on stage or at the centre. After a while, the host may ask questions like who among the couples are married for 5 years or longer, 10 years or more, or 20 years and more until the last couple who are married for the longest time remains on stage, and the newly-weds will join them for a dance.

Your married guests will not only feel special, but it is also a way of showing mad respect for them.

Kissing Game

The kissing game makes the newly-wed couple to kiss at the mention of a specific word, or a specific action.

The wedding host may ask the couple to kiss each time the word “congratulations” is mentioned or each time the guests clink their glasses or plates.

To make this more fun, there should be ‘penalties’ for missing a kiss like eating a slice of cake or having a shot of tequila.

More Fun Games

Aside from the classic wedding games, we’ve also rounded up fresh wedding game ideas that can bring in more fun to your wedding:

Find Your Pair

This is an interactive and easy game for guest bonding. On the back of each seating card, write one half of a famous couple. The idea is that guests must find their other half – for example, Sonny must find Cher, Romeo has to find Juliet, etc.

Do not place the pairs at the same table or else nobody will get up and look!

Water Balloon Toss

This is another fun and interactive game that will get guests up on their feet. Ask the guests to find a pair. Each pair will be given a water balloon and will be asked to toss the balloon after taking a step back.

The idea is that the balloon should not burst even after tossing it farther from the starting point, so the guests should protect the balloon at all costs, or they’ll get wet!

Wedding Speech Bingo

It’s like bingo, but instead of numbers, words or phrases that the couple will probably say are written on each card, like: “I am very lucky”, “I am blessed”, “Thank you”, “I can’t find the words”, etc.

The guests would have to mark the phrases and wait until all of the words are said before saying Bingo!

I Spy

This new and exciting wedding game takes wedding photos at a new level by using the guests’ camera phones.

Guests would take pictures of special wedding moments like the groom crying, bride and father dance, the best man, the couple kissing, candid photo of the couple, etc., and upload them on social media with the official wedding hashtag.

Kids Games

Not all wedding entertainment is suited for all audience, that’s why having kids’ games is a great way to keep them busy and to have something to play that is age-appropriate.

A colouring station where all kids can gather is a great idea to keep them occupied while the adults have fun!

Another idea is to have a Lego station built for them, or board games that they can play like Jenga, UNO, snakes and ladders.

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