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mm Paul Verbiton April 9, 2019
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Being a part of someone’s wedding is a wonderful chance to witness two people committing to one another and starting off a joint life. On the other hand, deciding what to give them as a wedding gift can be tricky as you need to decide how much money you can spend, when and where to deliver it, how to accommodate the couple’s wishes but still give them something original and necessary.

To help you find the best solution, here are several tips about how to do the wedding gift-giving right.

Stick to the registry

The wedding couple’s registry is the best place to start in your search for a perfect wedding gift. They list the things they like which makes it a lot easier for you to pick out a gift without the fear you might get it all wrong.

If you have a closer bond with the couple, you can try to make the gift more personal and customize it, or if you do decide to go off the list, check the registry so you can get the idea of their style and preferences.

Cash is OK

Giving cash might sound a bit cold and impersonal at first, but in most cases, the young couple prefers it. If you still feel unsure about it and there might be some cultural rules or exceptions, consult the couple’s closest friends and family members to be on the safe side.

Although it may not be the most memorable present, it’s a very helpful and convenient gift for a couple who needs money to get a place to live or pay off their student loans. As an alternative that is maybe a bit more personalized, you can opt for various wedding gift cards that you can customize with the couple’s photo. It will surely put a big smile on their faces!

Ship your gift

While there’s a wedding gift table set up at most weddings, it’s something that just adds more stress for the couple that already has their hands full with the wedding organisation and all the guests. Bringing gifts to the wedding only means they’ll have one more responsibility when it comes to transporting them all to their future home.

It’s much more convenient to ship your gift (unless it’s a gift card) in the days before or right after the wedding. In that way, you’ll help alleviate some of the stress and allow the couple to be carefree on their big day.

Stick to your budget

It can be rather difficult to determine how much you can spend on a wedding gift. The general rule is the closer you are with the couple, the more you should spend. You’d surely want to give a wonderful gift and whatever you can afford, may not be expected, but it’ll surely be appreciated. If your budget is an issue, don’t be reluctant to stick to it, especially if it’s a destination wedding.

Another option is to chip in on a gift with other friends or relatives. A group purchase can have a much bigger impact than a solo gift and it’s a chance to buy the couple a bigger item off of their registry.

As much as a wedding can be overwhelming to plan, it’s a beautiful occasion and a chance for everyone to have a great time. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll have no trouble picking your perfect wedding gift and joining in the celebration!

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