All you need to know about the gastrocolic reflex

mm Paul Verbiton January 19, 2022
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abdominal pain
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The gastrocolic reflex is among other physiological reflexes that control the motility or peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. Actually, a gastrocolic reflex is not a dise... read more

How much do you spend for your pet?

mm Paul Verbiton January 11, 2022
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woman with dog at vet
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I don’t have a pet because I think a pet, a dog as I love dogs more than pets, should live outside walking on the grass, not spending their whole day on the hard floor in ... read more

Cool features to consider when building a new house

mm Paul Verbiton November 28, 2021
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framed building under construction
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When building a house, there are so many things to consider. Of course, you want a perfect home, a dream home for that matter. With so many things to consider right from the lay... read more

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