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How to choose the best DJ table for you

mm Paul Verbiton June 6, 2019
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dj audio mixer
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In the competitive music industry, especially in the pop, electro, and other contemporary genres, a big part of the creative process is having the right equipment. Having the ri... read more


mm Paul Verbiton September 18, 2018
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New on Netflix
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Hey, dear visitor, welcome to the Netflix blog. I know you don’t recognize the Netflix interface, it’s normal, you got on my blog simply because your typed it wrong.... read more

Picture Quiz: Logos – Game answers level 1-19

mm Paul Verbiton September 17, 2018
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We all are surrounded by brands from the moment we wake up and take the smartphone to check our emails and friends on social media, all the day long, at work and at home, up to ... read more

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