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Various fashion courses and future job opportunities

mm Paul Verbiton July 29, 2020
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female fashion designer
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While the world is busy gearing up for engineering, architecture, medicine, and other courses with known stable opportunities, you might want to get away with these norms. You p... read more

Making a statement: the modern hat

mm Paul Verbiton February 20, 2020
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man with white hat
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What may have started as functional wear became a statement of sorts in the wearing of hats. Each of these head coverings has an interesting history. Some hats are worn as a com... read more

How to match your Balenciaga bag with your outfit

mm Paul Verbiton July 17, 2019
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balenciaga handbag
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With the release of the Lariat in the early 2000s, Balenciaga captured the true essence of the modern luxury bag – stylish yet functional. And to this day, through various... read more

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