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Hello everybody! My name is Paul Verbiton and I just moved to London, UK, from France. After talking to some of my friends, I realized that many people are afraid of significant changes in their lives or, at least, uncomfortable about them. The truth is that in spite of the fact that living in a brand new place seemed quite exciting, I have to admit that the unknown of the experience can send a few shivers down your backbone. So, I am ready to share with you all the experiences I started enjoying in London and other aspects I find useful and interesting through my blog.

As a person, I enjoy spotting opportunities and doing my best to grab them if I can. So, when I was presented with the chance to move to London, it was too irresistible to refuse.

I am eager to see the world, so a busy city like London seemed like the best place to start. From here, who knows where life may take me. I may settle in the area or find doors open to other new adventures around the world.

But, at the moment, it is too soon for me to think about this, as I still have to explore the charm of London. I have still so many things to learn about the British culture, but I am determined to give my best and blend in as soon as possible.

The reason I started a blog is that I love taking photos and writing, plus I am so excited about my new adventure that I find it very hard to keep it for myself. Of course, I talk about it with my friends and family, but there’s something special about putting everything in words, in black and white, where others can check it out as well.

Considering that London is a city that attracts people from all over the world, being a multicultural epicenter of the UK, I thought that sharing my experiences and useful tips would help others find their way around the city better. Also, you will get a Frenchman’s view over London, which can be quite funny if you ask me.

I am eager to get you as my reader and I promise that I will do my best to come up with interesting posts to read. If you have any comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with me. Maybe there’s a certain subject you will want me to cover, so, I am open to ideas.

Until then, I will continue doing my research and coming up with topics that are pleasant to read, funny, and interesting at the same time. Life in London is intriguing and fascinating so most certainly it will be a great place to find inspiration.

I just need to sit down and organize my ideas a bit because I’ve seen so many already that I find it hard to decide what to write about first. But, don’t worry, as my next blog post will be ready soon. Having said all these, I am looking forward to hearing your opinion about my articles.

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