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How much do you spend for your pet?

mm Paul Verbiton January 11, 2022
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woman with dog at vet
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I don’t have a pet because I think a pet, a dog as I love dogs more than pets, should live outside walking on the grass, not spending their whole day on the hard floor in ... read more

What to look for in pet grooming scissors

mm Paul Verbiton December 21, 2020
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dog grooming
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Grooming your dog is an important part of taking care of him or her. One pet grooming mistake that many people make is they do not pick the right kind of pet grooming scissors. ... read more

How to remove pet hair from your home like a pro?

mm Paul Verbiton March 11, 2020
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brown dog sitting in bed
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Seeing your furry friend wag and roam around your entire home actually gives an extremely beautiful feeling. You would never want to lock them in one room and stop them from mov... read more

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