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How to change the tires by yourself

mm Paul Verbiton April 2, 2019
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tire change
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There are many situations when you might want to be able to change your own tires. You may be driving down the road and get a flat tire and need to be able to change it on the s... read more

5 tips for buying a car online

mm Paul Verbiton March 7, 2019
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buying a car online
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It is said that many people spend more time choosing a car to buy than a person to marry. Cars are an extension of our personality and we tend to make the decision based on emot... read more

Buying car insurance from a car dealer: pros and cons

mm Paul Verbiton February 28, 2019
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car insurance dealer
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Buying a car is a huge investment that consists of many steps. After putting in hours of research hunting for the perfect car and scouting for the best deal, the satisfaction of... read more

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