How to match your Balenciaga bag with your outfit

mm Paul Verbiton July 17, 2019
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With the release of the Lariat in the early 2000s, Balenciaga captured the true essence of the modern luxury bag – stylish yet functional. And to this day, through various iterations and styles, the Balenciaga bag continues to encapsulate that ethos.

If you only have space for just one bag, make it a Balenciaga bag – the Classic City bag. Handcrafted from the best leather and hardware, it is no wonder that this bag has captured the hearts of models and celebs, from Vanessa Hudgens to Adriana Lima.

And unlike other luxury bags, the City bag ages well, allowing it to retain much of its qualities over the years. Balenciaga uses only the most beautiful leather for manufacturing bags, including goatskin, agneau, and calfskin.

Listed here are some ways that you can style your ensemble with your City bag.

Ready to ride

Whether you are going for a long ride onboard a motorcycle, a quick trip to the local mall, or even a long-distance flight, you can never go wrong with pairing your night blue City bag with a no-nonsense get-up of a plain white tee paired with jeans and your favorite denim jacket.

Turning heads

Going on a date? Hanging out with your friends? Turn heads by matching your head-turning outfit with the Classic Gold City bag. Available in beige, blue, and red, the bag’s stunning simplicity balances the vibrant hues of almost any outfit.

Back in black

Ready to dominate the day ahead? Go for an all-black ensemble consisting of black denim pants, a black jacket, a white shirt, and black boots. Finish off your look with the Metallic Edge City bag. Now you’re ready to crush the challenges of the day.

Something corporate

Whether you’ve been called in for an interview for your dream job or you’re closing a deal with a high-level client, you need to dress to impress.

Consider going for the timeless look of a white shirt paired with a pencil skirt with a black City bag to round out your look. Or dominate with a cream pantsuit paired with a navy blue City bag.

A night on the town

Comfort is the name of the game. Whether you’re going bar hopping or simply chilling with the fam, the Graffiti Classic City bag will pair perfectly well with your casual outfit. Go denim on denim with your denim jacket and shorts, a graphic tee, dad shoes, and the City bag.

Sun, sea, sand

If the saline breeze of the beach is calling you, answer with a stylish get-up consisting of a plain sleeveless top, a bright and billowy maxi skirt, sandals, and Gold City bag.

The birth of a modern classic

The Lariat is what started it all for Balenciaga bags. Initially, when then creative Nicolas Ghesquière made the prototype for it, the fashion house’s top executives scoffed at the idea of putting it in production.

But with the resounding approval of the models who saw and admired the prototype, Ghesquière was spurred to make a limited run of 25 bags that were given to models as gifts.

Perhaps it was the confluence of a few things – the models, the photographs, the Internet. But soon after, Ghesquière knew he had a winner. And it’s easy to see why the Balenciaga bag became highly sought after. It was fresh, but there was also a hint of familiarity, drawing upon vintage inspiration.

The Lariat, quite simply, came at a time when Balenciaga was finding its footing, having been revived from closing down after the death of its founder. And for many fans of the brand, the bag was the most straightforward and most accessible touchpoint.

Ghesquière perfectly sums it up: “No logo. Very light. Very effective.

To this day, through various iterations and limited runs, the Balenciaga bag remains one of the most highly coveted luxury accessories, as evidenced by brisk sales and a robust aftermarket. Very few bags can compare to that stature in modern fashion.

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