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mm Paul Verbiton August 25, 2019
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We all like to spend time with our families, have fun together and simply relax. What’s more, when you work hard all day, it’s truly amazing to get home and organize a movie or gaming night with your loved ones. This all sounds great, of course, but you may be thinking that your living area is not suitable for such an eventful time. Well, the solution is rather simple – add a family room. Don’t laugh now; there are several different ways you can go about this project.

Bump it out

You don’t always need a whole extra room for your new family area. You can easily transform your existing living space with a bump-out room. This type of project usually adds around 50 square feet to your existing room, which will give you more space for bigger furniture pieces, a more functional layout and other essentials that will make your family gatherings a true delight. Not to mention that doing things this way won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Repurpose your basement

In case you have a basement that you don’t really get a lot of use out of, the best thing you can do is to transform it into a comfy family room. Again, the cost won’t skyrocket since you’ll just be reusing and renovating what you already have. Still, keep in mind that it’s paramount that you deal with insulation, moisture issues and electricity before other, more interesting tasks. But if your basement is already quite pleasant, you’ll be good to go!

Create a sunroom

If you’ve been thinking about actually adding more space to your home, a sunroom is definitely a great way to get a nice and relaxing spot that will serve as a family room as well. Gone are the days when sunrooms were too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Nowadays, thanks to pre-fabricated permanent formwork systems, insulating glass and effective ventilation, sunrooms look and feel comfy and cozy.

Garage remodel

Similarly to the basement, remodelling your garage in order to create a nice family room is a very popular project. Of course, it’s essential that you deal with insulation properly before you start any other remodelling work. What’s more, think about keeping the common garage doors for your new family room too as this way, you can create a rather cool atmosphere during the summer when you open them.

Get the most out of this room

In order to really enjoy your family room and utilize your investment to the fullest, make sure that you equip this space and organize the layout properly. You can make a big difference with modular furniture. Save space by mounting your TV onto the wall. Hide cords and cables. Designate one corner for the kids’ playground while the other could be used as a home office or a bar. Stay creative and think multipurpose.

A family room is an investment into your family lifestyle. It might feel like a hassle initially, but the effort will be well worth it once you get to spend some quality time with the people you care for the most in this world. Not to mention that such an addition to your property can always come in handy for other uses and, ultimately, it is also a great way to boost your home’s resale value.

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