5 budget-friendly tips for your kitchen and bathroom renovation

mm Paul Verbiton October 31, 2018
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Doing your kitchen and bathroom renovations can indeed be a source of fun and excitement. Even before you start it, you’ll probably have a picture in mind of how the result will look like. However, fun and excitement aside, homeowners often find it hard on how to save money on a renovation.

It’s always a part of the success of a kitchen and bathroom renovation to create a budget plan. When you have a budget plan, you’ll avoid spending your precious money on unnecessary items. As such, you’ll save money on your renovation project. For a little help, here’s list of tips for that purpose.

Hire a Home Inspector

Although you’ll have to shell out money for the home inspector, it will be a big help to detect any issues in your kitchen and bathroom area before you start the remodeling process.

The home inspector that you’ll hire will inspect the areas covered in your planned renovation. It will save you money because you’ll know beforehand the structural issues that can likely eat up on your budget when you begin the project.

Be Honest about Your Budget

Knowing your budget is one of the essential steps in your kitchen and bathroom renovation. It’s a must that you’re honest in creating your budget plan. After all, renovating these areas in your home doesn’t come cheap. Even on a minor renovation on your kitchen, for example, can already cost you about $20,000.

If you want to rush the project, chances are you’ll have to spend more on the project. That’s the reason why you have to determine your priorities for you to prevent splurging your budget.

Categorize the Items in the Budget

Home remodeling experts will surely advise you to categorize the items in your budget so that you’ll determine the overall cost of your kitchen and bathroom renovation. For instance, it’s advisable that you know the price you have to pay for installation, design, ventilation, hardware, flooring, and lighting, etc.

Taking this tip for your kitchen and bathroom renovation will help you prevent any sticker shock in the process. Renovation contractors typically provide their clients with a bid sheet that determines every part of the project, including the cost of each job that you want to be accomplished in the renovation.

Ask If You Need a Home Permit

There are cases that you’ll need to get a home permit for a renovation project. For example, in a project that requires you to install a new gas line, a home permit application is a must. If you know that you’ll need a permit, you’ll also determine the overall cost of your kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Beware of Scope Creep

Scope creep is a term you call if there are any change and continuous growth in the scope of a renovation project. When this happens, the cost of the project will rise above your estimated budget. That’s why it’s advisable that you need to determine if there are issues in the project so that you can save money.

An excellent example of scope creep is when you need to renovate an area in your house, and it leads to another renovation. It’s advisable that you know the boundaries to avoid making a single room renovation into a total home remodel.

You should get advice from renovation experts to prevent scope creep. You can reach out to renovation experts in Melbourne kitchens and bathrooms for that purpose.


Renovating your kitchen and bathroom area is a fun and exciting undertaking. However, it’s essential that you know that the typical cost of renovations this magnitude doesn’t come cheap. Thus, a budget plan is necessary for your renovation project. You can take some knowledge from the tips above for that purpose.

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