Cheap ways to make your home look like a million bucks

mm Paul Verbiton October 23, 2020
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Interior decoration is not cheap. Some people spend entire fortunes on making their houses look beautiful. This is really not surprising if you’ve ever visited a branded furniture place or if you see how much fancy decoration pieces cost. It’s not just the initial cost, maintaining an intricately beautiful house is the real hassle. And what do you do when you are bored of the décor?

I personally believe that if you don’t have that kind of money at hand, all you need is to unleash your creative side and you will be able to decorate your house as beautifully as any rich family.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Maximize the Lighting

Any house looks fantastic if it has good lighting. We don’t just mean keep the windows open, although you need a whole lot of sunlight as well. We mean that you should have a lot of lights in your house and they should all be placed in a way that makes your house look really flattering.

Try to make it so that the most light falls in the most beautiful areas of the place so that part is more in focus.

Keep it Airy

Again, keep the windows open and you will notice your house look more spacious.

Make a Picture Wall

Picture walls will never go out of style. Frame a couple of pictures of you and loved ones and place them together on a wall. You can do this in multiple rooms. You can also use your personal photography and artwork instead as well.

Paint the Walls

Whip out a couple of paints and stencils and paint the walls to your liking. You could experiment with textures and patterns as well as make some artistic paintings as well.

Rearrange the Furniture

Rearrange the furniture in each room so that it is focused on one central point. It could either be a Television or a sofa set.

Reupholster Instead of Changing

We all get bored of our upholstery at some point but we also know how expensive it is to buy new furniture altogether. So it is best to reupholster your sofas and cushions for a new look instead of changing them, especially if they are still fit for use.

Keep it Clean

Half the battle is won if you keep your house clean. No matter what the house is like, it looks beautiful if you have kept it clean!

Bring Out the Fairy Lights

Adorn your pictures and your walls with fairy lights for an enchanting look on a budget.

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