7 most famous female educators in the world

mm Paul Verbiton December 17, 2019
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Women have lagged in education the world over. However, there are pioneer women educators who have made significant contributions in the world of education through research, administration, invention, and investment, among other facets.

Each generation has had its point-woman in education over the years. You will also find the women scattered around the world and each holding onto a particular issue in education. Although it was widely believed that women were unable to do better than, for instance, provide help with chemistry homework to the schoolchildren, many women have achieved great heights in their respective academic fields. It is amazing to read about the contributions these women have made in the education sector.

1. Helen Keller

Helen has three caps that would be used to identify her contribution to the education sector. She is recognized as a lecturer, political activist, and author. Her achievements have ensured that she is recognized among the most influential people ever to live on earth.

Keller was born with hearing and speech difficulties. Her education was under a personal mentor Anne Sullivan which enabled her to learn about the world in an unadulterated or unseen manner. She rose to become one of the most accomplished authors and educators at a time when the role of women was still reserved. By the time she died in 1968, she had an enviable account of life for a girl born in 1880.

2. Savitribai Phule

Savitribai Phule entered the books of history when she was recognized as the first Indian female teacher. This was just the beginning of a long, illustrious career in education. She stood out because women were not yet seen as equal to men. She got into the education scene just a year after India gained independence and went on to make a great impact.

Savitribai Phule overcame all the odds imaginable to succeed in the teaching profession. She would be pelted with stones, cow dung, eggs, and rotten vegetables on her way to school. This did not deter her from making her way into school in a style that inspired many other women behind her. She received a lot of support from her husband, such that they went on to open five more schools.

3. Kristalina Georgieva

The World Bank CEO has used her position to advocate for education among girls. In her words, the empowerment of women must begin by taking them to school. Beyond enrolling girls into school, all efforts must be made to keep the girls there. She is among the new generation women educators using their positions to raise the voice on women’s education.

Kristalina has also rallied the world to innovate solutions that would make learning easier and accessible for all people. Though countries and institutions are providing education, this education must be in the format and of the quality that the child of today needs. She has inspired a lot of women today to play their part, even in minor positions, towards educating the society.

4. Maria Montessori

Her philosophy continues to influence learning in the world, even today, almost a century after she died. She was born in Italy in 1870 and went on to become one of the most recognizable education philosophers. Her education philosophy is hinged on manipulative and explorative learning.

Maria is considered among the few people whose influence in the world goes beyond generations. She has been immortalized in the world of education among the people whose work redefines learning and education, especially at formative stages. Her pedagogy is still in use, both in public and private schools around the world.

5. Mary Bethune

Mary is a recognizable figure in American history because she started numerous schools for African-Americans. The school received a lot of donations, in cash and kind, growing to become a college. It was later elevated to Bethune Cookman University. She was also a national advisor on education to President Roosevelt. Born in Mayesville, South Carolina, in 1875, she died at 80 years in 1955.

6. Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth is recognized as an economist who specialized in Public Policy and Business. Born in 1938, she continues to create waves in the industry as she advocates for higher learning for women. She was named by President Jimmy Carter as the first woman Civil Aeronautics Board Commissioner. She also chaired the board when President Reagan took power. Her accolades and achievements are endless, yet we have not seen the last of this trailblazer.

7. Clara Barton

Clara makes the world to look beyond formal education. She was the nurse behind the American Red Cross Society when women were still preserved for the kitchen. The society has provided basic nursing training to millions around the country. The influence of society is now even bigger than her name.

Many women have made significant contributions to the education sector. They come in different ages, races, and generations what is impossible to dispute that these educators have left a mark that will take forever to erase.

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