Flying business class: 7 helpful tips to remember

mm Paul Verbiton November 18, 2021
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If your company books you on a business class flight, that’s pretty great. It means that they can afford it. Plus it signals your status in the company. With great amenities comes great expectations.

As a representative of your company, aim to maintain high standards for yourself. Dress the part and act it too. Your goal is to create a pleasant flight experience for yourself. Thereby you also create a pleasant experience for others.

Remember when you fly on a commercial flight, you fly with other passengers.

Let’s take a look at seven helpful tips to remember when flying business class.

1. Dress the Part

Decorum is still important in the business world. Some cultural things have changed, especially among start-ups. However, dressing the part signals a sign of respect.

Some airlines employ an unwritten dress code that includes good grooming. When you board a flight, you remain on it between two to six hours. You sit next to 20 to 40 other people.

Therefore you impact others. That’s why airlines are ready to hand passengers headphones; it minimizes the noise among them.

It’s OK to dress comfortably, especially if you’re traveling non-stop for six hours or longer. The unspoken dress code helps passengers remain comfortable too.

Recommended attire for men and women includes:

• Cotton tops
• Long coat or jacket
• Slip on shoes
• Business casual bottoms
• Light accessories

Airlines don’t spell out the dress code. But they want passengers to avoid showing too much skin, wearing messages, and forgetting to groom.

2. Act the Part

When you fly business class, you represent your company as an employee, staff member, or executive. If you’re an entrepreneur, you represent yourself and your brand.

Therefore, practice the Golden Rule. Act the part of the business professional. You receive several amenities with your flight. It’s OK to request them. However, remain professional and courteous, especially if you aim to become a frequent traveler.

If you fly the same destinations several times annually, you’ll see the same staff. It is beneficial to build a business relationship with them.

3. Arrive on Time

Even though you’re flying on an upgraded status, arrive at the airport on time. Once you make your way through the airport security checkpoints, you can relax.

If you get booked on a last-minute flight, you have to make due with the time that you receive.

However, for planned trips, arriving on time is an opportunity to remain productive.

4. Relax in the Lounge

When you arrive at the airport with time to spare, you can relax in the lounge. Most lounges provide office-related amenities to their passengers. Electronic device charging ports and WiFi have become standard.

Then there are other amenities to enjoy such as private bathrooms and showers. Most lounges offer snacks, drinks, and a comfortable place to sit before your flight boards.

Arriving early and sitting in the lounge helps executive travelers catch up on email, messages, and presentations. It’s a great place for the corporate travel manager to organize their documents too. Hotel Engines provides additional travel productivity tips.

5. Earn Your Rewards

As you check-in for your flight, remember to run your rewards information at the counter.

To show appreciation for business from company clients, airlines provide worthwhile rewards to them. Business class flights cost more. However, the airlines balance it with amenities and reward opportunities.

Plus, credit cards have teamed up with airlines, hotels, and restaurants. Every time you use your corporate card to pay for a purchase, you receive points and rewards. They give you access to upgrades and free stuff such as flights and nights at hotels.

6. Use the Amenities

During your flight, you receive access to television entertainment, wifi, and complimentary blankets and pillows.

Go ahead and enjoy them. Many airlines also provide a premium dining menu.

Remember that the amenities are baked into the flight’s price. Airlines expect passengers to watch a movie, television show, or listen to music. It keeps you calm and helps pass the time.

7. Eat and Hydrate

Once you board your flight, have a snack and hydrate. Business class flights still offer in-flight meals. They recommend reserving the entree before boarding the airplane.

Reserving your meal beforehand saves time. Plus you’re more likely to enjoy a meal suited to your preferences and dietary restrictions.

If you decide to enjoy an adult beverage, keep it to one or two maximum. Some people drink to calm their nerves. However, alcohol impacts your body. It’s important to arrive at your destination fresh. If the anxiety is high, consider adopting alternative methods to calm it such as meditation.


Flying business class is a treat. When you look and act the part, you build business relationships with the airline staff. This comes in handy if you’re flying with them frequently. Enjoy the amenities, and remember to eat and hydrate.

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