Home-based business ideas for families who homeschool

mm Paul Verbiton January 30, 2019
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Running a home-based business idea is a pragmatic thought, but for families who homeschool it’s an even greater opportunity. First of all, it gives you a chance to spend more time with your children, which automatically adds to the quality of their education. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to include them into the process. The business you start might be quite lucrative, so training your offspring to take over, at one point, might be a great investment in the future. Here are several things to consider.

1. Homeschool consulting

The most important prerequisite for becoming a homeschool consultant is to have some first-hand homeschool experience. Ideally, this would come from someone who was previously homeschooled but a parent who homeschools their kid can also give outstanding results. Needless to say, it’s fairly easy to see how, at one point, your kid may decide to get on board and join your business adventure. Other than this, homeschooling is not something you can do without love and passion, which is why you really need to explore all the advantages and perks of this course of action.

2. Virtual assistant

The easiest way for you to step into the business world and start learning its tricks is to become a virtual assistant. Here, you’ll help out someone conduct their administrative tasks from far away and, as a bonus, get to learn the industry from the inside out. Now some people have a problem with the fact that they’re not working in an actual office but, then again, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick a room to act as a home-office and outfit it with quality commercial office furniture. This way, once you decide to start a business of your own, you’ll already have a decent base of operations.

3. Homeschool group administrator

Other than this, you could also consider the career of a homeschool group administrator, which, although thematically similar, is a completely different line of work. A homeschool group or a homeschool co-op is a group of families who cooperate in order to create the best education for their kids. Still, in order for this to work a proper organization is needed and there’s no reason why you couldn’t turn this into a business idea.

4. Being a writer or an author

Nowadays, writing is an activity that can turn out to be lucrative in more than one way. For instance, you can take the traditional route and reach out to publishers, while you can also self-publish your work on Amazon and similar platforms. At one point, you can even introduce creative writing as one of your kid’s most important courses and even upload some of their best work. Naturally, the profit from this should go straight to their allowance in order to teach them the most important lesson of all, the value of hard work.

5. Stock photographer

The last amazing idea that you should explore is becoming a stock photographer. For this, you need a bit of talent, a decent camera and willingness to learn and grow. Think about it, as a parent who homeschools, you have no reason not to hold some of your lectures outdoor. Just imagine how many amazing opportunities for great photographs this practice would create. All in all, there are numerous platforms online through which you could directly sell these photographs.


In the introduction, I mentioned something that slightly resembled the idea of building a legacy which, although an option, shouldn’t be your primary focus. Think about it, imposing a career upon your child, no matter how lucrative, might appear as too imposing or too meddling. Nonetheless, creating this option for your child, and showing them the full benefits of this idea isn’t such a bad thought after all.

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