How to lower your energy bills

mm Paul Verbiton June 19, 2019
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One of the biggest expenses a homeowner has is the energy bill. This is especially the case if you have a large and older home. It’s important to make the proper repairs and remodeling so that you fully take advantage of the heating and air condition system your home has.

It’s not only about the savings, although that’s a plus, but also about using as little carbon-based energy as you can. This can also be accomplished by adding solar panels, but it’s best to start with small and manageable repairs and changes.

An audit

It’s often best to start with an energy audit. Hire an electrician to go through your home and find items that could be replaced to minimize your energy waste and make the home safer when it’s possible to do so. It’s best to do this before you purchase the home, but if you haven’t done so, before the repairs will do.

For the most part, electricians will have a special price for this service or they will charge you by the hour of work put into it, which means the price will depend on the size of your home.

Shield your home from the sun

Air-conditioning will increase your energy bill during the summers no matter what. However, there are things you could do to control the price without losing any of the comfort. This can partly be done by ordering blinds from Sydney and shielding your home from the sun.

It will both make the home more comfortable and allow you to spend less on electricity bills created by the AC. Take the time to pick the blinds that will work well with your home design overall, because blinds can create an ambiance due to their size and prominence.

Attic fans

Attics are always a bit hotter than the rest of the home and they require you to install a more powerful AC or to place it strategically in regards to the attic. There’s a less costly and less wasteful way of accomplishing the same.

Install a small fan in your attic and you’ll have to use your AC much less during the hot summers. The fan will move hot air up and thus make it easier to cool the room. The ability to do this obviously depends on how tall your ceilings are.


Old appliances are also responsible for wasting a lot of electricity in an average home. It’s often more beneficial to purchase a new and expensive appliance than to continue using the old one, because the reduction in the electricity bill will be enough to pay for the appliance.

It’s also useful to look for the appliances that are made to save energy on their own. These appliances are usually marked with a star. Take the time to investigate what’s the lifespan of the appliance you’re purchasing because you want to plan for the savings in the long run. It’s best to replace appliances in stages based on their age.

There are many ways to lower your energy bill by making a few changes to your home. Start with shielding your home from the sun and making sure it’s well insulated at all times. Purchasing appliances that waste less energy could also help.

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