How to sell vacant land faster

mm Paul Verbiton August 16, 2019
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Land is a resource that most people would love to own. Believe it or not, people often have a hard time looking for suitable ground to build. For those fortunate to have these types of properties in their possession, the benefits are endless and can be of use someday.

When times are rough, a vacant lot or parcel of land can certainly be used as a huge financial asset once you sell it on the market for the right price.

However, it may take time to sell your lots. The reality is that land can take years to sell. There are even cases where lot owners pass away even before managing to sell off their property. So how do you sell your land fast? Here are a few tips:

Understand the Market

Most people believe that homebuyers share a market with land buyers. This fact isn’t exactly true as there are a lot of differences in the two markets. Homebuyers will look for a suitable, ready-to-move-in property complete with furnishing. Lot buyers, on the other hand, will look for the right location and conditions that enable them to build what they want.

Look at Market conditions

You can look at the market to see how it’s faring. With that information, you can price your land in accordance with the market conditions. Proper pricing is an excellent way to sell your property fast, as buyers will most likely look for the best deal on the market that’s up to par with their needs and budget.

Get in Touch with Neighbors

If you have a vacant lot right next to your property, you can speak to neighbors if they want to move in or build on that space. Sometimes, people often look far away when all this time, they have neighbors who may wish to purchase that land.

Be friendly and do some casual talks with interested parties and see who can bring you the best offer. Not only are you getting people engaged, but you’re also creating options for yourself.

Provide Details about the Lot

Your buyers will surely want their land to fit their plans. Do they want to build a residential property? Do they want a commercial space? Farmland? Provide every little detail that you can, and your buyers will surely narrow down their lists and include your land if the conditions are right. It also helps if you’re willing to answer questions from potential buyers about the property.

If your lots are within residential areas or within the city, paying a visit with the City Planner’s for zoning information can be a big help if you want to sell your land fast. Remember, when you have information on just about anything about the property you wish to sell, buyers can easily visualize their needs, making your lot a prime candidate for their needs.

List it Everywhere

To sell your land fast, make sure everyone knows about it. If you want your lots to sell quickly, make them visible to potential buyers. You can find listing sites online that can help you with putting your lots up for sale. Although they do charge some fees, these small investments are worthy once you get your land for sale.

You can also ask for help from real estate agents. Again, these people do charge you for their work. But you can assure this is an excellent move as real estate agents often have access to a lot of potential buyers out there.

Be Patient

Sure, we want to sell our lots quick; however, sometimes patience is required to get the deal you want. Once you put up your lots and list them for everyone to see, you’ll start receiving calls, inquiries, questions, anything and everything about your property.

You’ll have to answer the same things to different people multiple times in one day. Some lot owners perceive these inquiries as annoyances as it is stressful for them on their part. Don’t make the mistake of being bored in selling your lot.

You have to be patient with your buyers, even if they ask a lot of things about your property. Always remember that communication is vital if you want to sell your land fast, with the right price.


Land is indeed a valuable resource for a lot of people. Although some lot owners find difficulty in selling their properties for the right price, it doesn’t mean that you should also find it difficult. Once you have the right idea for the price of your lot you’ll know where to start.

Listing your property online or finding as many advertising sources as possible will help you gain the exposure you need to sell your land fast. Also, it pays to have information ready for potential lot buyers. Following the tips mentioned above can help you accelerate the process of selling your land.

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