8 interior design styles to try before this Christmas

mm Paul Verbiton October 30, 2019
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As we are heading towards Christmas and year-end celebrations, many of you must have already kept home decor high on your priority list.

When demanding a unique interior designing theme, most of the people fail to describe their exact requirements. It happens due to the scarcity of knowledge about the latest market trends.

And, to bring you out of this hassle forever, here is a list of the most-loved interior styles to learn about:

8 Interior Design Styles to Choose From


As the name suggests, it is one of the latest interior designing styles with crisp, clean lines and a subtle color scheme. It depicts a sense of simplicity with metal or steel interior objects and elegant glasses. When adopting this style, do not create clutter; instead, restrict to essentials.


This interior designing style is widely popular in Australia. It can be called as yet another version or an improvised way of displaying the modern interior concept. It has no place for flamboyant accessories or interior objects. Here, everything is simple and usually enhanced with an ultra-clean line pattern to declutter your living space.


Where modern interior style is quite particular about fine line usage, on the other hand, contemporary is all about displaying design elegance through curvy lines or patterns. The 20th-century interior concept has inspired the modern interior style, and contemporary style can be seen as its new version.

French Decor

When you are more inclined towards earthy or dense colors and prefer a tinge of warmth in your home decor; French decor style is your calling. This one can be experiment well with if you have a sound knowledge and true sense of playing with different tones of colors like- red, gold, and yellow.

Here, dichroic art glasses are used to display prosperity and one’s perception of life. However, the glasses remain similar but the crafted designs vary.


Inspired by the European retro look, the traditional interior decoration style has a lot of lovers all around the world. Here, the interior designers often play with wooden decor items polished with a rusted touch.

Interior designers suggest seeking details about different fabrics including brocade, velvet, silk, as these are the majorly preferred fabric types in traditional decor style. Also, don’t forget to keep a check on the color palettes, curved lines, and unique wall textures.


Those who are in love with infusing multiple colors to their lives can never come out of Bohemian interior style. It is one of the liveliest decor themes to follow and experiment with. Bohemian style has etched and iridescent glasses perfectly blended with wine-colored rugs or furniture items.

In a room with a bohemian decor theme, finding multi-colored cushions lying on the floor is quite common. And yes, above all the mid-century chairs add a different and notable flair to the decor effortlessly.

Coastal Theme

Do you love the beach area? Then why don’t you get the same look and feel at your home? To keep it simple for you, in a coastal theme, the rooms have wooden flooring and white-colored decor or furniture items- including- rug, sofas, wall paintings, etc. Of course, some colors can be infused by keeping tiny plants or flowers near your side table.

The Rustic Touch

Most of the rustic interior decor revolves around using raw decor objects. The architecture is quite simple, and the rooms like wrapped in pearl white sheets. To obtain the best look within the rustic decor theme, going for wooden floors is a smart option.

Apart from the floor, if you wish to add some colors to your home, keeping a bunch of orchids at a corner of the room, preferably near the window perfectly lit up the interior space.

Hopefully, the above write-up has made you clear enough about which interior design style suits your home, and of course, your personal preference.


Anyone with an interest in interior design holds enough knowledge on what is trending in the industry. However, explaining their sense and understanding of decor ideas often fails when unaware of the basic modalities.

In this context, the aforementioned interior design styles can enrich your knowledge. If you have more suggestions, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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