Some facts that will help in leak detection on time

mm Paul Verbiton November 25, 2018
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Leakage in pipes, faucets or sinks can cause many issues if left unattended. It is when you detect a leak on time you will be able to prevent loss of water, damage of property and loss of mental peace. Here are a few facts that you must know to ensure proper and on time leak detection.

Signs Indicating Leakage

To start with, you must know the signs that will indicate that you have a leak in your home. The most obvious sign of a leak is the continuously dripping faucet but there are a few leaks that are hard to detect. Look for these following sings to be sure:

  • Sound: If you hear the sound of running water even when it is not being used there is a leak.
  • Mildew: When you see mildew appearing it is due to the moisture which is a result of a leak somewhere in your home.
  • High bill: If you have to pay high water bill without using much of it, it requires a significant process of leak detection.
  • Dampness: If you see damp walls, dripping water in ceilings, walls below the sink you know there is a leak somewhere.

Apart from that when there are cracks forming in walls or flooring, wet, discolored or hot spots, water meter changes without usage of water then you probably have a leak.

Areas of Leak

There are a few areas to check for during your leak detection process as this will make your work simpler and faster.

  • Faucets: Leaking faucets are a result of the rubber washer wearing off. If you have the right tools you can replace the washer under the handle without having to shut off the main valve.
  • Toilets: Toilets leaks are also very common and often will waste hundreds of gallons of water but stay silent often times. To find the leak remove the tank lid and put a few drops of food coloring at the back of the toilet tank. Don’t flush and wait for about 30 minutes. If you see color has come through, you have a leak. You can fix it by replacing the filling mechanism or the toilet flapper.
  • Valve leak: There may be leaks in the flapper valve due to an improperly working sealing. If this flapper is cracked and worn out it will cause leaks.
  • Flush handle: Problems in the flush handle may also cause loss of water. This is the result when the chain and the flush level bar sticks together. Adjust the nut of the handle or replace it if it doesn’t mend the issues.

There may also be leaks in the overflow tube that can be rectified by turning the adjustment screw or bending the float arm down very gently.

Calling a Professional Service

If none of the above steps work or you fail in leak detection you must call a professional for proper and immediate rectification. They are the best person to call as they will use proper tools and follow advanced technology and methods for leak detection, identification of the source and mend the issue right away.

They will follow the set standards and EPA recommendations to monitor winter water usage and suggests remedies for the leaks. They may also suggest you install a leak detector.

However, before calling a professional you must make sure that you call a reliable professional. Check for their credentials, track record, and number of years in business, license and insurance so that you are free from any legal obligations and other hassles. Therefore, devote some time for a proper research before you make the call.

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