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mm Paul Verbiton October 4, 2019
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Travel should inspire, educate and challenge you, and above all, it should humble you. Sometimes I still get surprising questions about my travels. The most common questions are: Why do you like to travel? Do you get bored traveling so often? Is there anything left that amazes you?

The truth is that there is always something new and awesome to see and hopefully, this article will help you understand that my passion for travel and new places and cultures is alive and well! Below are five of my favourite of the countries I have visited.


Switzerland, made famous by the fictitious figure of Heidi, the cuckoo clocks and the Alpine landscape, is often referred to as one of the most beautiful places on earth. In fact, so beautiful that you may think you’ve come across a postcard picture filled with beautiful deep blue and emerald lakes, romantic snow-capped mountains and wonderful lush forests. All of this is there, but not to be overlooked, is that the cities of Switzerland are now leaders in terms of art, culture and cuisine as well.

Great Britain

The United Kingdom, which is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is a diverse, traditional and outrageously modern place that combines centuries of history and industry with some of the world’s most modern buildings and entertainment venues.

Whatever you prefer, you can just as easily travel back in time to Shakespeare and back again, or enjoy the best of the eclectic nightlife in cities throughout the region. Not to be missed is the local food and local products, which are often unfairly criticised and with Britain experiencing a foodie revival with traditional culinary delights are finding their way into pubs and restaurants in the British Isles.


The best places in Canada like the Banff National Park, Whistler and Niagara Falls must be on your bucket list and here is why. Canada is an exciting and beautiful country with its welcoming atmosphere, vibrant cities and stunning scenery. As the largest nation in North America, “The Great White North” is a vast land blessed with primeval forests, sprawling prairies, spectacular coastlines and Arctic plains.

Although a large part of Canada is of French and British descent, it houses a mosaic of multicultural communities. Canada is home to one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.


Australia is known for its stunning sand beaches, great climate and marsupials and is a dream destination for many travellers worldwide. The best of Australia really is amazing! However, visitors are often positively surprised that Australia has much more to offer than had been expected: from the barren outback to lush rainforest canopies, gorgeous flora and fauna, two of the world’s most exciting sites to view fossils and museums that are nothing short of world class, Australia really has something for everyone.

United States

Do you love the beach? The desert? The mountains? Do not sweat – the US has covered you. The United States has a wealth of spectacular locations to offer. You will find a mix of natural wonders, amazing recreational areas and charming cities. The US has dozens of unique national parks like the Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon, crazy mountains, beautiful beaches, charming towns and lakes, and offers some of the most diverse and vibrant urban areas in the world.

Some people stay in one place almost all their lives and are very satisfied. Then there are some, like me, who long for change and travel a lot. Nothing inspires the mind more than visiting new places.

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