Portable air conditioners vs central air conditioners

mm Paul Verbiton September 19, 2019
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The modern air conditioner has enhanced the way that we live tremendously because, before there was central heat and air, there were only fans and swamp coolers to keep you comfortable during the summertime months. If you live in the midwest or south where humidity is a big problem, an air conditioner is a must to keep yourself comfortable and oftentimes out of the danger of heatstroke.

Although most new home construction comes with some sort of central heat and air there are still homes such as trailer homes and older construction where you’ll have to use a portable unit. This is why a portable unit is still a viable option for many people who want reliable air conditioning in each room of their home.

Portable air conditioners range from very expensive to downright cheap and choosing the best portable air conditioner model just depends on your specific needs. Central air conditioners are what are commonly installed in most new homes now, and most central air conditioners are very advanced in terms of energy efficiency which makes them easier and more affordable to run during those hot summer days. There are pros and cons to each unit, which is why we are going to be comparing the two different types of air conditioners against each other. Read on below as we compare portable versus central air conditioning units.

The Pros And Cons Of A Portable Air Conditioner

We’ve all seen them at one point in our life, the window-based air conditioning unit. You might have even had the pleasure of using one before, and that’s because this is the most affordable and well-known forms of air conditioning around. The pros of a portable air conditioning unit resonate around the price point, as you can generally get a brand new unit pretty affordably. As you go up in size and BTU range, the units will get more expensive, but the cost ratio to installing a new central air system is still proportionate.

Portable air conditioners will save you quite a bit on your electricity bill, which is why people tend to lean toward these units when they have a smaller home. Another popular option for portable air conditioners is the manufactured home because these homes generally don’t come with a central HVAC system built-in. Overall, you can expect a portable air conditioning unit to save you quite a bit in terms of money on your energy bill, but if you want to cool multiple rooms in your home, you will need to purchase multiple units and this can become expensive.

Another disadvantage to the portable air conditioner is the fact that the unit has to be mounted in a window, which can take away valuable natural light if the windows in the home are sparse. Still, if you need to be cooled in a pinch a window-based unit is one of the best ways to go for some reliable cooling this summer.

The Pros And Cons Of A Central Air Conditioner

If you’ve purchased or rented a new home in the last two decades there is a good chance that it came with a pre-installed central heat and air conditioning unit. The central heat and air conditioning unit is a lot different than a window-based unit because it will cool the entire home from vents that are strategically placed throughout the home in each room. There is no doubt that you get better results from central heat and air unit then you will from a portable unit, but you can expect to pay a lot more in terms of your energy bill.

Central air conditioners are a lot more to maintain, which is one of the reasons that many people just opt to go for the portable unit. Depending on what your needs are you will have a couple of central heat and air options to choose from, and this is the case with most new construction as well as older homes. The main cause of frustration with central heat and air units is the blower motor going out, which makes the unit useless. Unless you are a certified technician, these systems can be very complicated to fix, which can lead down a very expensive path.

Still, if you have a large home and you live in a very hot climate a central air conditioner is going to be the best way to cool your entire house. A window-based unit is only able to cool a certain amount of square footage whereas the central unit is built into the home and the vents run throughout it.

How Do You Decide On The Right Air Conditioner

Keeping your home cool is very important for well-being because the heat index can get very high and heat exhaustion is a real threat to humans and animals. There are many reasons why you might decide on a portable unit, from budget constraints to just having a home that doesn’t have central heat and air inside of it. Portable units have been around for quite some time and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, which is why most people go for this inexpensive option.

Central air conditioning is the preferred method of cooling these days, and it comes standard in most modern homes. The issue with central air conditioning is that it can be very hard to maintain if you don’t have money saved, and this is why you’ll find many systems that are in disarray. If you can afford to maintain a central air conditioning system, you’ll be very comfortable in the long run, and this might be a preferable option for larger homes.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to choose the air conditioning system that makes you the most comfortable, and whether its a central air conditioner or a portable air conditioner, the final and most important aspect to choosing which air conditioner is right for you is what will provide the most comfort in the long run.

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